By Logan Miller

Yeah, good luck pronouncing that on your first try…or tenth! The World Cup is in full swing, down to the top 16, USA! USA! USA! Sorry got carried away. Now back to reality, most us hopeful fans are in need of a cold alcoholic beverage to temper all the stress, tears, or joy of watching World Cup matches. That, or an IV drip loaded with coffee from the late nights. Since coffee isn’t my thing let’s stick to booze, more specifically a Brazilian booze known as Cachaca, again good luck pronouncing that correctly. Assuming Brazil does its thing and makes it past the group stage let’s honor them with their country’s famous cocktail – Caipirinha.

1 Lime
Brown Sugar

1. Cut a lime in half then quarter it and place inside a tall glass.
2. Pour a single portion-sized bag of brown sugar over the lime, add more if you prefer it sweeter.
3. Take a muddler and press the lime and sugar together, this releases the juice and oils from the lime while crushing the sugar to an extra fine dust.
4. Add 60ml Cachaca and fill the glass with crushed ice.
5. Stir the ingredients together letting the ice melt a little and garnish with a lime wedge.
6. Sit back and watch the World Cup.

A couple tips:
1. Before opening the bag of sugar, press hard on it a few times to help break down the size of the granules.
2. If you find a traditional Caipirinha a little strange on the palate, try replacing the limes with your favorite fruit or add additional sugar to the mix.

Stay thirsty my friends!


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