By Logan Miller

Considered one of the classic cocktails, this is a must know for any aspiring mixologist. It also happens to be an apéritif, a drink severed before a meal, so if you are planning a dinner party sometime, add this to the menu and your guests will be impressed. The cocktail, while an easy one to make, is actually complex with the ingredients it uses: the Gin with the juniper berries that create the distinct flavor, Sweet Vermouth with the taste matching that of a young fruity Pino Noir, and then the bitterness from the Campari that by itself would make your nose inch away create a delicious cocktail that can be enjoyed by all.

Sweet Vermouth
Orange Peel

1. As always have a chilled glass ready, but if you can’t fit any in your freezer then just add ice and water to a martini glass while you prepare your cocktail.

2. In your cocktail shaker, add equal parts of your three ingredients, an ounce/30ml of each is considered the norm, but you can always add more if you want a stronger cocktail.

3. Now add ice, but this time do not shake! No, instead just stir clockwise (counterclockwise if you prefer) for about 30 seconds so as to chill the drink as well as dilute it a little.

4. Toss out the ice water from your now chilled glass and strain the cocktail using a strainer. If you do not have a cocktail strainer yet then jump on taobao and order one ASAP.

5. Peel an orange and rub it alongside the rim of the glass, then drop it in the glass.

6. Sit back and enjoy.

A few tips:
1) If you find the Campari is too bitter then decrease the amount of it and increase the amount of Gin and Sweet Vermouth.

2) Feel free to add ice to your glass if you like, just because a recipe says to not use it doesn’t mean that you have to listen to it. Always remember cocktails are made to be enjoyed, so do it your to your taste.

Stay thirsty my friends!


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