By Rod Cishahayo

There are many ways to share the only bottle of bubbly left from the holidays. If you think that one bottle of champagne (or sparkling wine) is not enough for a house party, let me tell you how I did it. All ten of us tinkered on that bottle.

Champagne (or chardonnay sparkling wine)
Peach Schnapps

1. Put ice cubes in the champagne flute for five minutes to chill the glass.
2. Empty the champagne glass.
3. Add a tiny dash of grenadine.
4. Add 25 ml. of peach schnapps (Available at C-Store).
5. Slowly add the champagne.
6. Cheers your friends and enjoy.

A few tips:
1. Make sure your champagne is cold; it is very important for the taste.
2. The glass has to be chilled as well.
3. Peach juice or peach puree can be used instead of peach schnapps.
4. You can garnish with a red cherry, but I have heard that a raspberry is the best.

Happy New Year of the Goat Everyone!


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