Zombie Brain

Summertime is here and that means many late nights of drinking with friends, because – let’s be honest – everyone is much happier now that the cold weather is gone and the rain has stopped! This month we are going to learn how to make a fun a little shooter sure to impress at your next big house party, or just really gross people out after they look at what they are about to swallow. The Zombie Brain has only three ingredients and takes no special skills to make; just simple pouring. Just do me a favor, don’t blame me if you have a few too many and the next morning feel like a zombie yourself.


Peach Schnapps  
Bailey’s Irish Cream  

1. Fill a shot glass 3/4 of the way with Peach Schnapps. See? Nothing fancy. Easy squeezy.
2. Slowly pour the Bailey’s Irish Cream into the glass, and when I, “say,” “slowly,” I mean it! And be sure to leave a little bit of room in the glass.
3. Watch as the Bailey’s starts to curdle, creating brain-like strands in the shot. This is due to the acid in the Schnapps.
4. Add the Grenadine directly over the Bailey’s. Again, move slow! This will allow the Grenadine to create blood like strands that give this shot a little, sugary, goodness while looking pretty damn cool.
5. Listen to all your friends OOH and AWW then slam it down your gullet.

A Few Tips:
1. You can replace the Grenadine with Blue Curacao or simply add it to the mix to add even more color and flavor.
2. DO NOT TRY AND SIP THIS SHOT! It is meant to be done in one go, sipping will result in possible projectile vomiting.

3. If Schnapps isn’t your thing, use Vodka instead. Add a little lime juice for the acid you need to make the Bailey’s curdle.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Zombie brain

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