Warnings in June 2013

So I read this article about this dude who’s selling his web browsing history by the day for two dollars a day. He’s a bit of a techie himself, and he does tons of browsing, but really now. He’s selling it. After reading it I thought, why don’t I make my web browsing habits open to the public? I always go to www.siriusxm.com first to log into my commercial free music. The site does have it’s problems, but I’ve yet to find any other music source with stations as good as the ones they have on their satellite radio. Then, no surprise, I go to check my email on gmail which has its problems as well, but then again, I’ve found no better. My third website of the day is always www.fmylife.com, which helps me put everything into perspective. And yeah, I’ve read each and every post on that site. My fourth is www.fark.com. It is the best news aggregate site on the internet, and the comments rock. Next up is my daily dose of the English with www.dailymail.co.uk. Call me stupid on this one, but then again I’ve never said that I have an intellect larger than that of a gecko, so shoot me. Then it’s on to www.yahoo.com to get my injection of what’s happening in the US. The comments on yahoo are like my telescope into mainstream America. When I’m done with that, I move on to www.slate.com. A bit more on the high-brow side, though not to be that repetitive, but I’m not that tall on the intellectual ladder, so take that analysis in stride. The site makes me laugh at least. Next up is www.mediagazer.com, a site which makes me feel as if I’m part of those high flying publishers out there. And the same goes to why I read www.techmeme.com to make me feel as if I’m computer savvy. Back to China it comes with me visiting www.beijingboyce.com to get a bit of info on the food/drink scene in our polluted yet full of great restaurants capital. I’ve got to get my news on China, so then I’m typing www.beijingcream.com into my address bar to get some of the real deal on local news stories. And when that’s not enough for me, which though good, it usually isn’t, I’m smacking it–don’t read into that one–with www.chinasmack.com.

To get to this point usually takes me about an hour or so depending on how many emails I’ve got to write, of course how many cigarettes I smoke, and how many phone calls I’ve got to answer. And that finally leads me to my phoning habits because a browsing history simply isn’t complete with a list of my phone activities. I’ve got to update all of the games on my phone on basically a daily routine. Then I’ve got to download all of my emails onto my phone. Don’t ask me why, but it just makes me feel better, and then I’ve got to take care of Pou. This stupid computer creature that needs his poo cleaned almost hourly, but hey my daughter loves this digital glob of clay, so I dare not let the thing die. Anyway, guys look out for our new website soon. We hope that we’ll be on your daily list.

By Tim Hoerle

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