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A Midsummer Night's Dream!

November 22nd – 19:00
(Doors Close at 20:00)

November 23rd – 13:30
(Doors Close at 14:30)

November 23rd – 19:00
(Doors Close at 20:00)

2/F, Auditorium Entrance, Shangri-la Hotel, 78 Beishan Road

Evening Shows: 222RMB
(Free Drink Included)

Afternoon Matinee: 188RMB

An Enchanting Performance to Fall in Love With

Have you ever felt like you keep doing the same thing every weekend? Going to see a movie or to another bar with the same food and drinks gets kinda boring, doesn’t it? Do you love the energy of a live theatrical performance but hate having to pay 400 RMB to get the worst seats in the theater? Well, our merry band of thespians has just the cure for the same-old-same-old blues. Hangzhou has been struck by Cupid’s arrow and is falling for the enchanted and whimsical rendition of a timeless theatrical masterpiece.

Hangzhou Shangri-la Hotel Presents
A Screaming Lemur Theatre Production of…
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Modern Take on Shakespeare’s Timeless Magic

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous and well-known comedies. Because Hangzhou is an international city, the play has been adapted to modernize it in order to be as accessible as possible to the many different language and cultural backgrounds of the people that call this city home. Though the language is updated, the rhyming, foolishness, and most memorable lines are all still present and do justice to the genius of the plays original creator.

With the humor, sensuality, and crudeness  that define A Midsummer Night’s Dream pumped up to their fullest, the audience can expect a performance that is as provocative as it is entertaining. Theatre-goers should be ready for an event that flows out and over the stage’s edge, bringing the audience into the action. Fairies will dance and flutter through the audience. Puck, that knavish sprite, may come to try and steal your hat or drink. So be prepared to be swept away from the theatre’s usual stuffy culture into a land of spontaneous hilarity, and excitement!

Our Premier Screaming Lemur Theatre Production

The Screaming Lemur Theatre Troupe is the first international theatre group of actors, writers, directors and film buffs in Hangzhou. It began as a way to help channel the creative longing to perform for so many expats who didn’t know where to get involved with theatre in China.

Chris McIlveen and Kristyna Zaharek kicked off the group to help foster a deeper interest and understanding of the performing arts from abroad in Hangzhou and to provide a platform for both foreigners and locals to get involved in the performing arts. Screaming Lemur has already begun to make its mark by providing acting workshops and improv nights as well as being featured in some variety shows around town. This play, however, is our first full production debut onto the big stage.

Shangri-la Hotel

78 Beishan Road

0571 8797 7951

2019-11-22 2019-11-23

13:30:00 - 20:00:00


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