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Hangzhou International Women’s Marathon ()
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Starts at 8am on Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Hangzhou Qiantang New District
Intersection of 6th Street and 27th Street

1.  Half-marathon (21.0975 km), 4,000 people
2.  Mini Marathon (3.5 km), 6,000 people

Maybe you still remember the scene last year?

Hangzhou International Women’s Marathon is organized by China Athletics Association, and sponsored by Hangzhou Qiantang New District Management Committee. It will take place this year on Sunday, October 27th.

The total number of participants this year remains unchanged while the number of half-marathon participants has increased. The committee has added a new award of 5,000RMB for the record breaker of this event.

The registration has officially started and you can go to their website to register.

Registration starts at 5pm, July 18th, 2019 and ends at 8pm, September 20th, 2019.
(If the number of participants exceeds capacity, a lucky draw will be required and the participants will be notified by SMS.)

Registration fee:
Half-marathon: 160RMB
Mini Marathon: 100RMB

Registration conditions:
1.  Any woman who meets the requirements of the race regulations can apply, regardless of nationality.

2.  Age Limit
Half-marathon: 16 years old or older (born before January 1, 2003), under 70 years old (born after January 1, 1949)
Mini Marathon: 10 years old or older (born before January 1, 2009), under 70 years old (born after January 1, 1949)

An additional reward of 5,000RMB will be given for breaking the record of the tournament (if more than one athlete breaks the record of the tournament, only the first one will be rewarded)

Awards for Chinese Athletes
Reward target: Chinese athletes
The first eight half-marathon athletes will be rewarded with the following awards. The top three athletes in the half-marathon will receive a trophy and a set of champion suits each.

1. The above rewards are ranked according to the results of the gunshots. If doping is detected, the athlete’s rank will be cancelled, and the subsequent rankings will not be incremented.

2. Half-marathon and mini marathon finishers win the event completion medals.

Race Rules
1. Performed in accordance with the latest track and field competition rules approved by the Chinese Athletics Association.

2. Game check-in: Check-in to the designated area within the specified check-in time. Foreign elite athletes and registered athletes of China Association of Athletics must be checked at the starting area 40 minutes before the race. Foreign elite athletes need to present their passport, and registered athletes need to present their registration card.

3. Race Start: The race will commence by a gun shot.

4. The half-marathon race uses chips for timing.
·  The chip will start timing when the athlete passes the starting point, and provide gunshot and net timing result.

·  Ground timing carpets are provided at the starting point, every 5km point, turning point, and at the end of the half-marathon race. During the event, the athletes must pass all the ground timing carpets. Athletes who finish the race within the closing time but miss any of the timing points will not be ranked.

·  The timing chip will be issued at the same time as the marathon items, together with the race number. No deposit will be charged.

5. Closing Time and Distance
In order to ensure the safety of the participants, road traffic is closed off for a limited time. A closing time is set for each section of the race route. When the closing time is reached, normal road traffic will resume on that section of the road. At the specified closing time, any participants who have not finished the corresponding distance must stop the race immediately and withdraw from the track to avoid danger. Participants who quit the race can ride the service car along the race route to the finish line.

6. Beverage Station & Water Station
There will be a beverage station every 5km from the starting point, and a water station in the middle of the two beverage stations.

7. Athletes who have finished the half-marathon and mini marathon during the closing time will receive the race medals.

8. Half-marathon athletes can search for the results and print the certificates from the official website of 2019 Hangzhou International Women's Half Marathon after finishing the race ( The mini marathon finishers can fill in the result certificate based on the time indicated by the arrival end timer.

9. This race will be tested for doping in accordance with the regulations of the Chinese Athletics Association.

Hangzhou Qiantang New District

Intersection of 6th Street and 27th Street

Oct 27, 2019

08:00:00 - 12:30:00


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