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All of which is to say, the Hermès Carré Club invites you to a memorable experience of free-spirited exploration and collective joy. From the reception desk where guests check in and receive their membership card, to each point of engagement with the Carré, this dynamic venue pays a multi- faceted, participatory tribute to the beloved silk square. 

With its limitless potential to inspire, the carré gets interpreted in ways that will surprise even the most ardent aficionado. Here, amidst a backdrop that alternately conjures up a gentleman’s club, an artist’s workshop, or a private apartment, the enlightened ambiance will register as both familiar and escapist. The configuration plays out depending on size; a small setting will consist of the three principal programs, while an extra-large club can accommodate up to eleven active concepts.

But no matter how many mètres carrés, the Hermès Carré Club will generate a steady source of creative output aimed at a transgenerational audience; think artist demonstrations, café gatherings, curator visits and more – all running day into night. Visitors can either enjoy the experience by roaming around freely or by participating in the scheduled programs at specific times.

Conceived by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s universe, the Hermès Carré Club is effortlessly adaptable to local members’ interests, attracting all those with an appreciation for the carré. Ultimately, this club experience will encourage the carré’s magical harmony of craftsmanship, art, heart and heritage as a meaningful and lasting symbol of expression.

The Hermès Carré Club is divided into seven modules that reinterpret the Carré in unique and unexpected ways:

Carré Click And Check

Members arrive at the reception where they sign in to receive their membership card (Carré Check) and enter a photobooth where their portrait will be taken (Carré Click). Unlike other clubs, these photos can be shared to social media!

Carré Studio

The artistic epicenter. An atelier will provide an authentic setting for carré designers and artisans to create live. Among those with a connection to the carré are Octave Marsal, Théo de Gueltzl, Pierre Marie, Gianpaolo Pagni and Cyrille Diatkine. Members are welcome to interact and engage as this select group of talents creates in real time. Members can also leave their own mark by naming one of 75,000 colours posted on a giant wall – each one used by Hermès over decades of carré creation.

Carré Café

Not your average square meal, the café menu will include CarréRavioli and Carré Tiramisu. But beyond a spot to sip or snack on, the carré-enveloped café combines salon-style culture with cabaret-inspired entertainment: retro arcade games, live music, plus other ways to savour the moment.

Carré Cut

Enter the temple of transformation where beauty comes in all sizes but just one shape. Carré makeovers will be offered so that guests can show off all their right angles.

Carré Stories

Because carrés speak volumes, members can listen to revelatory recorded messages via a retro telephone. From secrets to anecdotes, truths to fictions, the spoken texts are a reminder that carrés are keepers of memories and tales.


Choose a carré to reveal a mystery track ready to be performed in one of the smallest karaokes in the world. Wave your hands like you just don’t carré!

Carré Mania

Just don’t call them souvenirs! Hermès Carré Club capsule collections with limited- edition scarves will be exhibited for club members.

Artist Annex

Transporting the “drawing machine” that they built and use throughout their practice, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl will perform live sessions, creating freely in the manner of a cadavre exquis. As they guide the paper through the structure, the drawings develop into exciting forms.

Pierre Marie is admired for his carré collages. Members can emulate his style by creating their own Carré Puzzles.

Whose interests involve appropriating old documents with custom stamps, will stamp directly onto the silk scarves as a new layer of illustration.

Members can be the subject of her work by participating in his Sketchomaton, a speedy portrait session (and yes, they can keep the sketch!)

The Mixc Mall

S68, 1/F, Phase II, The MixC Mall

2019-05-23 2019-05-26

12:00:00 - 21:00:00


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