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If you're starting up your own company in New York, London, or Amsterdam, one of the first things you'll do to promote your business is to build your own website.

Likewise, many western startups coming to China make the grave mistake of bringing this mentality with them across the world and cultures and build a Chinese website to serve as the focal point of their online presence in China.

What they didn't know is that having a website in China doesn't give you the same stamp of approval it does at home. Finally, the question remains; what does serve as a sign of authenticity and professionalism in China's digital world?


Specifically, WeChat Official Accounts. These are mini-platforms built into the app we all use every day to communicate, pay for lunch, hail taxis, order takeout, and oh-so-much more. If you're looking to brand your business, or yourself, in China then look no further!

Want to learn more?  

You're in luck! nihub Innovation Center is bringing our WeChat Workshops back to nispace - Hangzhou! Aimed at helping entrepreneurs, bloggers, and professionals just like YOU successfully set up, run, and promote their WeChat Official Account, the whole workshop is broken down into four separate courses including:

1. Account Creation & Setup

This first course is a deep dive into WeChat's Official Account Platform. You'll learn how to register your account, use the WeChat backend platform, and set up your account's menus, automatic messaging, and more!

2. Content Creation & Strategy

For the second course, we'll look at content marketing and ROI-driven content strategy. Here we will discuss different ways of writing and thinking about the content you post on your WOA.

3. Formatting & Design

During the third course, you'll get an introduction to the basic tools you can use to format and design your WeChat posts to look more professional. We'll also give insight into WeChat's many glitches and bugs and how to avoid and fix them when they occur.

4. Data & Community

Finally, we'll wrap up the whole workshop by sharing insight on how to access, read, and analyze the data on your WOA. The goal of this last course is to understand your target audience, your content, and how the two of them come together.

We'll have a final Q&A and time to overview what we've learned from the course and each other!

Please Note: 
This workshop is hands-on and interactive, helping you to set up your account, create or format content, and leave each course with a real foundation to start your own WeChat channel.

Course Led By

Claire Lily Squire
Years of experience in Shanghai's media circuit, copywriting, and content strategy. Claire is currently a project director at nihub Innovation Center, leading the companies "nichat" WeChat management service for over 30 startups and small businesses in China.

Joshua R. Bunnell
Background and years of experience in data analysis, content marketing, and digital strategy, Joshua is the Chief Marketing at nihub Innovation Center and set up the company's offline and online marketing strategy, as well as nichat service, back in 2017.

Cici Huang
Originally from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, Cici is a graduate of Zhejiang International Studies University & the the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China. Today, Cici works at nihub as our nichat project manager where she designs and strategizes how to best localize each nichat client's brand, content, and personality within their own WeChat official account.

What Are You Waiting For?

Take the first step towards running your own awesome WeChat Official Account. Sign up for our workshop this May by simply scanning the QR-code in the flyer below! See you there! 

nispace Hangzhou

Room 1402/1403, Chenggao Mansion, 300 Lianhui Street

Jul 13, 2019

10:00:00 - 16:00:00


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