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Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Shatrudhan K. Gupta ()
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What is your major and what theme do you often use?

When I was in art school in India (2003-2009) my major was painting. Where I have explored and learned with many mediums like oil colour, water color, charcoal, ink, acrylic colour, pottery, ceramic, sculpture and some different kind of medium.

During my study period in India I was living in art school hostel, with lot of students living from different part of India, it was great time for me to learn and explore many things from them.

So basically, my major was painting but I have never bound myself in any specific medium, for me important thing is to explore and experiment. I am always keen to try different kind of things.

Mostly I don’t decide any theme and don’t plan like, “this is my theme, or I have to create this kind of painting”. For me, important thing is to enjoy and explore with my art and art practice. I leave myself free during my art practice, you can say theme chooses me to do this kind of painting.

What influence do you think that china have on you and your works, or how does your painting style change after coming to China?

There are many things that influenced me direct and indirect way; Chinese art and culture, language, calligraphy, living style of people and their hard work.

During learning Chinese language, all my classmates were art student from different countries. We have learnt and explored many things from each other. It was one kind of art and culture exchange program for me.

I like to travel, so in last few years I have visited many places, art places and art museums in china. I meet peoples and talk to them, we have shared our experiences.

Changing is a natural and spontaneous process. Sometimes it happens slow and sometimes fast. I felt my work style also have changed slowly.

I have worked with Chinese and foreign art student and we have attended some art workshop together in CAA where I have explored different things. In china I have started to use black color in my work more and I can say it was influenced by Chinese calligraphy as I have attended some calligraphy classes here.

How do you mix Indian element with Chinese element in your works?

Intentionally, I didn’t try to mix Indian with Chinese element. I leave myself free, but elements naturally influence me and spontaneity takes place in my works.

What do you want to express through your works?

Come to visit this exhibition…then you can find this answer (smile)

Xika Art Center

7 Qingbo Street

2019-03-23 2019-04-27

14:00:00 - 21:00:00


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