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Spring Drinks at Midtown (城中啤酒屋春饮来了)
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Midtown Brewery is launching new food and drink programs to cater to your outing needs just as spring has arrived. To start off, enjoy any eight of their craft beers on tap. Two are always unique seasonal beers and the other six are their annual beers. I must mention that Midtown has a nitro beer tap. Midtown Brewery just introduced the 1L beer cans program. The live band and their new lead performer Zara play exciting music and gets you moving. The daily specials and happy hour are some of the best deals you can find around West Lake. Basically, at midtown there is something for everyone. A beer for him, a beer for her, a dish for them, and a song for us, a friend for me, so what about you?

Craft beer is so interesting because there is a lot to love about craft beer. At Midtown Brewery, Eric and his brew team are constantly on pursuit to brew excellent beer. They love to brew, so that is why their dedication and passion to brew distinctive but drinkable award-winning craft beer is remarkable. They’ve won multiple medals at the International Beer Cup for their Porter and Red Ale. The brew team is slowly changing Hangzhou drinker’s perspective of beer and palates with their unique flavours. Hangzhou is adapting to craft beer and Midtown is a big part of that.

As mentioned earlier, Midtown has an exclusive tap to make one of their beers a nitro beer. They use more nitrogen in the carbonation, those are the gases that carbonate the beer when it comes out the draft.

Many different types of beers are being nitrogenated. The head of the beer is very soft and persistent, some of the best head you will get. It becomes very creamy, because of the small nitrogen bubbles that are in the nitrogen beer. Nitrogen gives the drinkers a brand-new fun experience. Try Midtown’s nitro beer for yourself.

Eric is super excited to announce that currently the award-winning Red Ale is now available on the nitro tap. The Red Ale won bronze back to back years for the Irish Style Red Ale Category in 2017 and 2018.  For many reasons it is a must try. The bold nutty flavour is very rich. The sweetness is well balanced. The Nitro Red Ale is malty, smooth, and medium-bodied with a deep copper red created by a blend of specialty malts. The combination of the roasted malts gives it a toasty, sweet aroma and flavour. Combine all that with all that the nitro tap has to offer, you will be asking for more than one.

Since Hangzhou spring is coming, which is the most beautiful time to be in Hangzhou. Eric and his creative brew team came up with a beer to go with Hangzhou’s spring.

Let’s introduce the Lemon Ginger Saison beer. A twist on a  Saison style, this style originally comes from the French speaking part of Belgium in Wallonia, some consider this to be a farmhouse ale. It is easy to drink from the fruity, pepper, earthy taste, and dry finish. Low in alcohol makes it light and refreshing. Imagine you worked in the field all day, The Lemon Ginger Saison would be your top choice.

Complex in flavor, this beer also has lively carbonation, which adds to its refreshment and potential food pairings.  Seafood pairs well with saisons. Find you way to Midtown Brewery and enjoy a hazy refreshing lemon and ginger beer.

Midtown’s craft beer can now be sealed in a 1L can so you can share Midtown’s with anyone. Look for the seven different collectable designs. Each can show uses a lively artwork to demonstrate each stage of the brewing process. The seventh can is always related to their seasonal beer program. So, grab a few to go cans and enjoy them at West Lake, Long Jing tea fields, Xixi wet lands, or while you eat chuan er on the street. Just another example how Midtown is changing the beer culture in Hangzhou.

Midtown now has a brand-new lead performer in Zara from Birmingham. She is no stranger on the stage. Her body of work speaks for itself. Being a talented vocalist and dancer, she will have no problem entertaining. With her vast experience, dedication, and passion the audience will always be wanting more. Zara has performed in the UK, Spain, and Oman just to name a few.  Her dancing and acting background gives her the right amount of confidence to be an energetic lead singer.

If the beer, and entertainment isn’t enough, just look at their daily specials on their food and drinks.

Head to the Kerry Center and look for the Shangri La hotel and on the first floor is where you will find Midtown Brewery. If you like craft beer, delicious food, live entertain, and daily specials go to midtown this spring and enjoy a bit of everything. 

Midtown Brewery

1/F, Midtown Shangri-La, 6 Changshou Road

0571 8159 0433

2019-04-01 2019-04-30

12:00:00 - 02:00:00

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