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I was fortunate enough to be invited to try out Midtown’s new lunchtime spread and summer promotions, and while I was there Eric their excellent brewmaster gave me a sneak peek of what will be newly on tap by the time this article is posted.

First, their new lunch set is still a steal: 78RMB gets you a combination of soup or appetizer, main course, and a dessert, plus one of Eric’s fantastic beers or a… soft drink… if you must.

I used my power as a FOOD CRITIC and elected to indulge in a wider tasting, and my favorites among the mains were the Wheat Beer Fish & Chips and the Prawns Fettuccini, which were both fantastic, indulgent, and filling and I really had to control myself to not just American slam both of them—if you’ve ever seen my make-a-burger-disappear trick, you know what I’m talking about… speaking of burgers, they still include a stacked 120g Brewery Burger!

Clearly, I was on my cheat day and if I were obeying my normal restrictions I would give the Seafood Laksa or Wok Fried Beef Tenderloin with Hangzhou Chili the nod instead.

If you’re feeling more indulgent, and want to treat a special someone right, Midtown has a fantaaaastic new oyster deal. 568RMB gets you a half dozen oysters and two glasses of Kavalan whiskey, a Taiwanese brand that’s well-regarded and well-known among whiskey aficionados. It’s not the peaty scotch I normally default to but the smoothness pairs wonderfully with the oysters. 988RMB makes you a 1st class Veblen individual and bumps you up to a full dozen oysters and two glasses of Ruggeri Sparkling Wine.

Eric came over and started grabbing oysters, but, bonus, he tipped me off to (1) a new beer, and (2) a returning delight. First, the Hazy IPA (ABV 6.66% they have on tap now, as of this writing, is just really damn good. I am an incurious ignoramus about beer and this one is definitely a gateway to having informed opinions about Eric’s craft. It’s a lot less bitter and a lot sweeter than a typical IPA, both deviations in a very positive way while retaining the hoppiness characteristic to IPAs.

Eric assured me that the fruitiness I tasted was in fact the special blend of Citra and Simcoe cryogenic hops involved in the brewing process. The tangerine and citrus flavor you will swear to Christ is IN THAT GLASS is actually just science shaking its fist in defiance of God’s will (and also Eric’s craftsmanship). It’s really tasty!

Available I think like, literally on the day this is posted is returning favorite, Eric’s Black Goji Nitro Ale (ABV 4.9%), a beer where the fruitiness comes from actual fruit, the nitro comes from actual nitro(gen), and the enjoyment comes not just from the fantastically smooth and creamy taste and texture—this is borderline milkshakey—but from observing the pink bubbles slowly condense into a deeper hue. I have a source that tells me that “it cannot give you a hangover” but that’s not a strictly legal proclamation.

Both beers are absolutely perfect for Hangzhou’s summers, with an emphasis on smoothness and fruitiness. They also come at the same time as Midtown’s Summer BBQ deal. From 5pm-10pm, 28RMB added to one of their BBQ dishes gets you one of Eric’s masterpieces, including his seasonal craft beers. Sausage platters are 128/228RMB for 2/4 people, and mixed grill platters are 198/388RMB. If you’re going solo, BBQ burgers (99RMB) and seafood burgers (98RMB) are also on the menu.

Happy hours are Monday to Friday, 3pm-7PM; come earlier if you want to see Eric doing his tortured genius artist alchemist thing.

Midtown Brewery

1/F, Midtown Shangri-La, 6 Changshou Road

0571 8159 0433

2019-07-01 2019-07-31

11:00:00 - 01:00:00


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