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Théo Duboule

Théo Duboule is a swiss guitar player based in Berlin. His main projects are OGGY & the Phonics, the BIG TUSK, Théo Duboule 4tet, Théo Duboule 3io, In Motion (with Vuma Levin), 3G Trio, as well as his electronic music solo project, Mr Wizzel.

During his studies at the Jazz School (HEMu) of Lausanne, he had the chance to study alongside Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mark Turner and Larry Grenadier among others. After graduating in 2016, he started performing on Swiss and international stages (Swiss, France, Hungary, Germany, South Africa) with musicians such as Ohad Talmor, Colin Vallon, Banz Oester, Gerry Hemingway, Mathieu Michel, Vuma Levin.

长期旅居在德国柏林的瑞士籍爵士吉他手, 欧洲爵士界冉冉上升的爵士之星。欧洲主流爵士媒体 “Jazz-Rhone-Alpes” 评论他“演奏极为微妙美丽,具有丰厚的声音”,“Action Jazz” 杂志更以“这张专辑简直是欧洲爵士乐的奇迹”来评价他的最新专辑。

Théo Duboule 2016年毕业于瑞士洛桑音乐学院的爵士表演专业,师从著名的爵士音乐家Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mark Turner和Larry Grenadier。毕业后活跃于瑞士、法国、德国等欧洲多地爵士舞台,他组建的原创乐队包括OGGY & the Phonics, the BIG TUSK, Théo Duboule四重奏以及三重奏,In Motion, 3G Trio以及以个人独奏为主的电子爵士项目Mr Wizzel等等。除了频繁地出现在瑞士的爵士舞台以外,同时也是国际爵士节的常客,包括经常在法国、匈牙利、德国和南非地区各地爵士节的巡演。

Théo is selected in 2013 to participate in the tour "DKSJ" with a big band led by Ohad Talmor. In 2014, his "Infinite Octet" is also selected to participate in the tour "DKSJ exchange nights". In 2016, he took part in the semi-finals of the Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition. In 2017, he wins with OGGY & the Phonics the "Trophées du Sunset/Sunside" and the JazzContrebande contest.Théo has already released 4 albums (with OGGY & the Phonics, the BIG TUSK, In Motion), all available on digital platforms.

2013年被著名的瑞士作曲编曲家Ohad Talmor选入DKSJ项目和大乐队巡演,他的Infinite八重奏乐团2014年再次被选入DKSJ项目巡演。

2016年,他参加世界著名的Montreux爵士吉他大赛,以优异的演奏进入到了半决赛。2017年他带领自己的原创乐队“OGGY & the Phonics”一举夺得法国巴黎著名爵士俱乐部Sunset/Sunside的爵士大赛冠军,并被Dom Imonk爵士杂志评论为“没有任何障碍的,该世纪的爵士异性”来形容他标新立异的原创音乐。到目前为止,已经发行过四张个人原创爵士乐队专辑。

Joanne Gaillard

She has studied jazz with Susanne Abbuehl at the HEMU of Lausanne, where she got a Master degree in 2013. Thirsty of knowledge, she has also studied jazz with Maria Pia de Vito in Rome (2013) and indian music with Lakshmi Santra in Pondicherry, India (2019).

在瑞士洛桑的HEMU跟随Susanne Abbuehl学习爵士并获得硕士学位后,对爵士孜孜不倦的她并未停下求学脚步,随后前往罗马向Maria Pia de Vito继续学习爵士,今年初前往印度拜师Lakshmi Santra学习印度音乐。

Passionate about music and stage performance, mixing herself gladly with different worlds, she is the voice of several bands of various styles. From a cappella plugged performances (Voxset), to intimate indie-folk (Zepless), she has also played the first roles in big musicals (Compagnie Broadway), and is always coming back to jazz, being traditional jazz with an Andrews Sisters flavour (The Swinging Ladies), with big bands (Big Up’ Band), or more modern formations (Black Buoy Project).

对音乐和舞台表演充满热情的Joanne,乐于吸收世界不同的音乐并实践融合,也在多个不同的乐团中担任声乐职位,从阿卡贝拉乐团Voxset,到独立民谣乐队Zepless,音乐剧《百老汇公司》的主角......跨越各种风格的她总是会回到爵士,包括传统爵士女声团体The Swinging Ladies,大乐队Big Up’ Band,以及现代爵士乐队Black Buoy Project。

Blaise Hommage 

Blaise Hommage is a French musician who started to play professionally at 20 years old. He graduated a degree in musical studies in the Conservatoire Regional de Nancy in 2011 and a master of arts in music pedagogy at the haute école de Lausanne, in which he earned a prize in 2014 for individual performances through the year and another one the next year with his project Sweets.

Blaise Hommage来自法国,20岁开始成为职业音乐人。2011年于Nancy音乐学院的本科毕业,2014年在洛桑大学获得音乐教育硕士学位,在校期间凭借他的乐队Sweets连续两年获得个人表演奖。

He studied acoustic bass with Gautier Laurent in France and Bänz Oester in switzerland, and during masterclasses with bassists such as Gary Willis, Larry Grenadier, Joe Sanders, Furio Di Castri… Open minded and willing to play different styles of music (Jazz, pop, Latin music). He worked with musicians such as Nguyen Le, Gilad Hekselman, Franck Aghulon, Antoine Hervé, Ohad Talmor, Prabhu Edouard…

他的木贝斯导师包括法国的Gautier Laurent和瑞士的Bänz Oester,并参加多个大师课的学习。他始终保持开放心态,尝试不同音乐风格。

Nathan Vandenbulcke 

Nathan Vandenbulcke is a French drummer / percussionist from Nantes, France.

Graduated in classical percussion in Nantes and in jazz druming in Lausanne, he is also laureat of the stock exchange for the "Talent and the Creativity » awarded by the city of Lausanne in 2017.

Nathan Vandenbulcke来自法国的鼓手/打击乐手。毕业于法国家乡南斯音乐学校的古典打击乐专业和瑞士洛桑的爵士鼓专业,2017年洛桑市的“才华与创意”奖得主。

Passionated about traditional and modern jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic musics, he is influenced by a large number of drummers like Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Paul Motian, Marcus Gilmore...

He was vibraphonist of the group Monolithes from Nantes and currently plays in various formations as well as "The Big Tusk", "Kolmoset", "Always Know Monk", "Phasm", "Mohs"...


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