In This Month's MORE Hangzhou

  • Do You Know How Much Urine is in the Swimming Pools?
    The weather is getting hotter and hotter, what beats escaping the summer heat with a refreshing splash in the pool? But have you ever thought of a question: How much urine is there in the pool? Let’s talk about that today.
  • A Nearby Summer Escaping Plan
    The city has been rainy and wet for a month, and you wonder when is this going to end. When the rain stops, it’s time for the heat, and voilà, summer is here. It gets hot and humid in Hangzhou, but there are places nearby you can go to enjoy a cooler environment. These include the islands, mountains, lakes and rivers in or near Hangzhou, and the local water parks.
  • Shanghai’s Waste Classification Has Spawned A New Occupation
    Lately, Shanghai citizens have been busy learning how to sort their garbage.