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Editorial With Us

From the beginning MORE Hangzhou magazine has been a community affair with its main aim being to let people know what is going on Hangzhou and by doing so bring people together.

With this in mind, we have reserved certain sections of the magazine to be ‘By Invitation’. We are always looking for people with interesting jobs or an amusing style of writing to write one of these sections for us. As the magazine grows in popularity and size, we are able to add more content and columns. In this too, we are thrilled to have suggestions from our readers.

If you are staying in Hangzhou for a short time, please let us know which section you have an amusing idea for. If you are here for the long haul, we would like to receive your ideas for a column. As a columnist, you would be expected to submit at least 12 months worth of articles.

Of particular interest to us now:

  • A business person wishing to comment, on a monthly basis, on his or her experiences working in Hangzhou. The style should be light hearted, non-critical and inclusive of all those living in Hangzhou
  • A writer wishing to conduct interviews with people living in Hangzhou or somehow otherwise connected with Hangzhou. On occasion the MORE Team will suggest an interviewee, on other occasions the interviewer will be free to choose. The range of possible interviewees should be as wide as possible, so a good command of spoken Chinese as well as English would be important.
  • Venue reviewers. This delectable writing job would involve finding venues – be it a bar, club, shop, restaurant or, say, boat club – and writing about them for publication in the magazine and on the website. It is the policy of MORE Hangzhou magazine that the venue is not aware of the reason you are there. MORE Hangzhou magazine does not publish venues unless they are worth visiting, and so unless there is something good to write about a place, don’t write it!

If you are interested to have stuff in print, please contact us here.

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