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Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum/浙江省科技馆

District A, West Lake Cultural Square 西湖文化广场A区

Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum/中国杭州低碳科技馆

1888 Jianghan Road, Binjiang 滨江江汉路1888号
0571 8711 9500

Hangzhou 3D Art Museum of Illusion/杭州3D错觉艺术馆

B/2F, Tianyang Pearl Business Center, 306 Yan’an Road 延安路306号天阳明珠商业中心负二楼

Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum/杭州工艺美术博物馆

336 Xiaohe Rd. 小河路336号
0571 8819 7508

China Fan Museum/中国扇博物馆

450 Xiaohe Road 小河路450号
0571 8809 9880

National Wetland Museum of China/西溪国家湿地博物馆

402 Tianmushan Road (opposite of West Long Distance Bus Station) 天目山路402号中国湿地博物馆(长途汽车西站对面)
0571 8887 2933
9am - 4:30pm, Mondays Off

Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch/浙江省博物馆武林分馆

District E, West Lake Cultural Plaza, North Huancheng Road and North Zhongshan Road 西湖文化广场E区浙江省博物馆
0571 8827 2913
9am - 4:30pm, Mondays Off

Zhejiang Art Museum/浙江美术馆

138 Nanshan Road 南山路138号
0571 8707 8700
9am - 4:30pm, Mondays Off

Liangzhu Museum/良渚博物馆

1 Meilizhou Road, Southwest of Liangzhu, Yuhang District 位于余杭区良渚镇西南美丽洲路1号
0571 8877 3875
9am - 5pm. (Mondays off) No entry after 4:30pm.

Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum/朱炳仁铜雕艺术博物馆

221 Hefang Street 河坊街221号
0571 8536 1214

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