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Hangzhou Ancient City Wall Gallery/杭州古城墙陈列馆

Junction of Qinchun Rd. and East Huancheng Rd. 庆春路环城东路交界口


Hangzhou Scientific and Technological Exchanges Museum/杭州市科技交流馆

483-495 Yan’an Road 延安路483-495号

0571 8515 8463

Han Meilin Art Museum/韩美林艺术馆

3 Taoyuan Ling 桃源岭3号
0571 8797 2520
Summer 8:30am – 5pm; Winter 8:30am – 4:30pm, Closed Mondays

Hangzhou Museum/杭州博物馆

18 Liangdaoshan Road (on the way up to Chenghuang Pavilion) 粮道山路18号
0571 8780 2660
9:30am - 4:30pm; Closed Mondays

China Printing Museum/中国印学博物馆

1 Hougushan Road 后孤山路1号
0571 8799 4193
8:30am - 4:30pm

West Lake Museum/西湖博物馆

87-2 Nanshan Road 南山路87-2号
0571 8788 2279
8am - 5pm

China Grand Canal Museum/中国京杭大运河博物馆

Canal Culture Square, Jinhua Road 金华路,运河文化广场
0571 8819 4501
9am - 5pm, Closed Mondays

Zhejiang Museum of Natural History/浙江自然博物馆

District B, West Lake Cultural Plaza, North Huancheng Road and North Zhongshan Road 西湖文化广场B区
0571 8805 0941
9am - 4pm (Mondays Off)

Zhejiang Provincial Museum/浙江省博物馆

25 Gushan Road 孤山路25号
0571 8798 0281
9am - 4pm; Closed Monday mornings

Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors Museum/张小泉剪刀博物馆

33 Daguan Rd., inside the Hangzhou Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors Factory 大关路33号, 杭州张小泉剪刀厂内

Liangzhu Culture Museum/良渚文化博物馆

South side of Xunshan, Liangzhu town, Yuhang 余杭良渚镇荀山南坡
0571 8877 0700
8:30am - 4pm, Mondays off

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