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Suntiandy Theatre/新天地太阳剧场

90 Dongwen Street 东文街90号
0571 8531 5055

Fun In Theater/丰马in剧场

3/F, Building B, IN City, Xixi Store, 1 Wuchang Avenue 五常大道1号西溪印象城B座3楼

Hangzhou Fengchao Theater/杭州蜂巢剧场

18 Shentangqiao Road 沈塘桥路18号

Hangzhou Magic Theatre/杭州魔方剧院

3/F, Hangzhou Theater, 360 Tiyuchang Rd. 体育场路360号杭州剧院3楼

Hangzhou Yiyuan Theater/杭州艺苑剧场

99 Shiwukui Lane 十五奎巷99号

Yu Le Tang/御乐堂

62 Middle Zhongshan Road (near Hefang Street) 中山中路62号(近河坊街)
0571 8755 5780
10am - 9pm (Sun.-Thu.), 10am - 9:30pm (Fri.-Sat.)

Fun Theater/丰马剧场

1A, District C, West Lake Cultural Square 西湖文化广场C区1A楼

Zhejiang Cultural Center Theater/浙江省文化馆小剧场

77 Wulin Road 武林路77号
0571 8839 8123

Zhejiang Museum of Art/浙江省群众艺术馆

77 Wulin Road 武林路77号
0571 8770 3711

Xiaoshan Grand Theatre/萧山大剧院

918 Shixinzhong Rd., Xiaoshan 萧山市心中路918号
0571 8281 3776

Wu Gong Temple Opera Tower/吴公庙戏楼

Canal Culture Square, Jinhua Road 金华路运河文化广场

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