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Italian Pizza, Zijingang Branch/意式披萨紫金港店
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On a little lane off Xixi Road, near Zhejiang University’s Yuquan Campus, there is a little, hole-in-the-wall pizza shop. It’s modest and plain, but come lunch time or dinner time it’ll be packed full of customers, even forming a line out the door. Those in the know come here for delicious pizzas, loaded full of toppings at prices that can’t be beat. And now there is a new branch at Zijingang Campus so people there can also enjoy their pizza.

As we reported in our first review, this is a family business run by a friendly and hardworking husband and wife team. To help with the new branch, they’ve brought in another couple (the husband’s brother and his wife) and trained them to cook everything on their menu.

The Zijingang branch is about the same size as the Yuquan shop and it serves the same menu. There is a long list of 26 different pizzas ranging from just 30RMB for a Margherita to 65RMB for Shrimp Basil. There is a pizza combination for every taste. Some of our favourites are Radicchio (50RMB) with arugula, gorgonzola and spicy salami; Homemade Sausage (50RMB) red pepper, onion, olive, homemade sausage and pesto; Calzone (45RMB) ham, eggs, mushrooms, black olives; and their newly added Mediterranean Vegetable (50RMB) cherry tomatoes, artichokes, olive, feta and bell pepper. All pizzas have their homemade tomato sauce, lots of stringy mozzarella and thin crusts.

Note: They don’t normally offer half-half pizza combinations like shown in this review, but there is a Four Seasons pizza on their menu that has 4 sections of different toppings.

If you feel like something other than pizza, there’s also some nice salads and sandwiches. A big plate of Caesar Salad (20RMB) comes with chicken and egg and the Greek Farmer Salad (22RMB) is a colourful mix of fresh crunchy vegetables, onions and feta cheese.

Their sandwiches come on ciabatta, baguette or whole wheat buns and they make all the bread themselves too. Fillings include salami, ham, tuna, chicken and egg salad. Sandwiches cost just 15RMB, so I always splurge and pay 5RMB more for extra meat to make a big hearty sandwich. Where can you get a sandwich made with freshly baked bread for that price?

For beverages, soft drinks are 3RMB and there is a an impressive selection of inexpensive imported beers too, starting from a mere 10RMB for Bavaria alcohol free pomegranate, Cass, Hoegarden and Corona to their highest price 15RMB for Franziskaner weissbier.

Both locations are open from 10:30am - 10pm and Meituan provides delivery.

FYI: The add for their Nanjing branch is:

Room 111, Building 12, North District of Xianlin Xincun, Xianlin Street, Xixia District, Nanjing
139 5673 8985

Make sure to pay them a visit if you are in Nanjing.

More Hangzhou Team

163 North Zijinghua Road

139 5673 0259

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 10pm

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