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1999 Pub/1999酒吧
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It was a hot night and we were having a couple of drinks out on the patio at Barossa. It's a prime place to watch people walk by. They have fans that help cool it down a bit. The mist shooting out of the plant boxes is nice as well, but we're not really sure if it actually does anything. Regardless, all the other tables of people looked pleased. A friend ordered a margarita. Their parrot squawked a bit. What's up with all these exotic birds these days? For that matter, what's up with all the outdoor seating? It used to be that the only place to grab a beer outside was either the Shangri-La, or a little shop with a mini stool arrangement on the pavement. You To Bar recently spruced up their patio, HOD has a nice spread under the trees which is always lively, and Maya's parking lot sees frozen drink swillers galore. The Shamrock has the televisions to the left and the canal to the right (if you're facing north). Indoor smoking has not been banned, but if it ever is, there will be plenty of places for an outdoor drag. Our friend then mentioned the newly opened 1999 Bar, and said its layout was something to be seen.

We paid our bill, got a taxi, and were off to see the newest addition to the gang. 1999 is in a former teahouse just off the lake on Nanshan road. It opened in June and when we got there it was so crowded that we trust it won't close anytime soon. Two performances were going on at once, and neither one conflicted with the other. The temperature in the inner courtyard looking up to the trees was unusually pleasant. We had no idea where the breeze was coming from until we inspected the anterior. Huge blocks of ice were stacked before industrial blowers, and the effect was very noticeable. Tambourine shakers moved back and forth between the tables. Dancers took the stage, and one singer in particular had an impeccable voice. The Gin and Tonic (40RMB) was up to par, and the Carlsberg (50RMB) was delivered quickly. A cool outdoor breeze in July is priceless so we stayed for a few drinks each. Parking is available directly across the street for teetotaling drivers. 

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87 Nanshan Road

0571 8160 0066

Opening Hours:
7pm - 2am

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