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7 Club/7号酒吧
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We didn’t think they could do it. It was Tuesday when we went down to one of our old favorites, The 7 Club, and the place was a wreck. There were over ten workers renovating this small spot, and though they were frantically cutting this and sanding that, we thought there was no way in hell that this place would open up two nights later on that Thursday. And we’re reluctant to mention the place looked like a two-year-old designed it. How surprised were we to hear all of the customers on that Thursday night in the background having a laugh when the owner called us to invite us over for a drink. And when we finally got there on Sunday, we were happy to see that the design nightmare had fallen into place as well. Though no walls have been removed, and the bar is in the same place that it used to be, this watering hole has transformed itself into a joint that we’d be happy to bring our mom to, and with five beers on tap, we’d bring our dad there as well. Hell, we’d bring Jim Morrison there they’ve got so many whiskeys and were he not dead, God rest his soul. This spot has been re-outfitted so many times it’s hard to count, but it looks that they’ve finally gotten it right, however they’ve left the outside as it was still making it very hard to find. Go across the street from the Dragon Hotel, and there is a bus stop with a small street running up the mountain just to its east side. At the mouth of that street there is a florist with a small cigarette shop next to it. Go into the unmarked door up that small street next to the cigarette shop and you’re in 7 Club.    

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Shout out to Ye dan
2007-01-20 02:01:01
Mate, you have one of the coolest bars in town. Will be back again soon
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41 Shuguang Road

0571 8643 1517; 131 0771 6000

Opening Hours:
6pm - 2am

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