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It's hard to provide an adequate description of the new Amanfayun Resort within the confines of this article, but we're going to give it a try. First of all, it's important to point out that the Amanresorts brand is distinguished from other kinds of luxury resorts by virtue of their design. These are not corporate enclosures that offer the guest a hermetically-sealed environment, these are communities in every sense of the term, and they remain works-in-progress even after they have opened for business. From the moment a guest enters the resort, the first impression is that of the undisturbed natural beauty of the hillside. Bereft of the neon and faux-stone stucco facades of so many other so-called, “resorts,” this is a real hideaway that caters to experienced travelers who have graduated to the highest levels of life abroad: the simple life. According to the resort's GM, Ian White, life is “just another day in the village” for its residents, as he described his own anticipation of the upcoming spring harvest. He will be working in the fields to gain first-hand experience of life in a tea village. It’s the knowledge gained from these types of experiences that trickles down to every guest at Amanfayun, as the staff's experience and attention to detail has to be the greatest asset this property offers. Seriously, these folks know what they’re doing. Our time spent on this visit was highlighted by a meal at their bistro, where we found a solid, classically-inspired, core menu boasting elements of French cuisine with an emphasis on the most delicate and ephemeral qualities of natural ingredients. It should go without saying that everything offered is of the highest level of quality. From the welcome office to the reflexology center, their simplified and minimalist philosophy permeates the entire experience. It's also worth noting the almost total lack of plastic anywhere on the grounds. What’s less noteworthy is how little you’ll miss it, except, of course, when it comes time to pay. Keep in mind that Amanfayun is a full-service community, and this level of service comes at a price.

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22 Fayun Lane, West Lake Scenic District

0571 8732 9999

Opening Hours:


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