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An Cadeau/安の秀果
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Hangzhou's premier sweet-tooth slayer has been around for a few years now, and its popularity has proven itself a winner, as hordes of dessert lovers continue to drop by on a daily basis. If you haven't checked out An Cadeau yet, you've been denying yourself an experience that is simultaneously rewarding in a most decadent way, while being entirely surreal in another. The always-hungry MORE crew dropped in on a lazy afternoon, to sample the latest creation to emerge from An's ovens: Banana Chocolate (香蕉巧克力 22RMB takeaway / 32RMB dine-in) filled to near-bursting with mounds of fresh bananas and chocolate sauce; Mixed Fruits (缤纷水果 26RMB takeaway / 36RMB dine-in) that had oodles of sweet and tangy fruit sauces; and Fresh Cream and White Chocolate (白鲜巧克力 42RMB dine-in only) featuring tender chunks of cheesecake folded within. Truth be told, it was almost too much for us to handle. However, there wasn't a scrap of crepe left on our plates as we leaned back in our seats shortly after getting the food, which means we're either gluttons of the first order, or these delectable dessert portions are actually not as fearsome as they seem at first glance. After wallowing in a blissful, food coma, we took a peek at all the other goodies being churned out all day long, and spotted some that will doubtlessly bring us back for more. Neatly arranged showcases line the walls, and various treats like Fromage Cuit (半熟芝士水果布丁36RMB), Cream Puff (卡仕达泡芙 12RMB), Various Walnut (黄油核桃仁曲奇 5RMB), Various Almond (黄油杏仁片曲奇 5RMB), Chamonix (芝士蒙布朗 32RMB), Cocoon Egg (蚕宝宝 12RMB), and the Soft-Baked Castile (原味半熟清风蛋糕 68RMB) will lighten your wallet while miraculously adding to your waistline! An Cadeau is a great place to indulge in the unusual as well, with a strangely seductive music box soundtrack that sucks you into a dreamlike state. Various gifts, coffees, teas, and other beverages are available, as is Wi-Fi. English menu available, parking is available on Jiangjun Road. 

Definitely the best dessert in town
2010-11-03 23:10:11
Highly recommend this place, great shortbread, cheese cake, my favorite place to buy dessert.
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260 Nanshan Road

0571 8788 6280

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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