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Ananda Yoga /阿南达瑜伽馆
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“Iyengar yoga” are buzz words that get bandied about amongst people who are in the know, and the MORE crew had to see for themselves why this particular kind of yoga gets so much respect from an enormous world-wide community of enthusiasts and serious students alike. What we found out was that there is more to yoga than just contorting yourself into unnatural positions. With a little bit of guidance from an experienced teacher, even the least limber of us can do some basic poses with minimal pain. Our tour of the facility was given by the boss herself, Grace Yu, as she spent some time showing us around before ushering our group into the Swedish heated-floor hot yoga room that maintains a balmy 37-40°C all year long. It's worth pointing out that even though it was a warm day outside, and the hot room didn't exactly feel like the logical thing to do, it was amazing to see just how much more flexible the body becomes when the temperature is higher than what you get when you're sitting listlessly for hours at a time, in front of an air conditioner that's running at full blast in the office. In fact, the heat was no longer a problem for any of us once we started moving around on the exercise floor, and as soon as Grace started showing us her own personal posing abilities, we were mesmerized. Her colleague, an advanced instructor, was also on hand to show us his amazing feats of yoga godliness as well, with humbling effect. There's just something really admirable about a guy who can orally pleasure himself while standing, and that's the kind of thing that gets our respect. It also makes us that much more driven with desire to reach for the goals in life that really matter, and to make our own dreams come true, whatever they may be. Speaking of which, there are all kinds of devices and equipment within the spacious facility that can be used to perform various yoga positions and auto-erotic acts, like a wall of anchored heavy ropes that allow users to hang, stretch, bind, and twist themselves to their hearts' desire. Simply scintillating and all of this can be yours for the monthly fee of 300RMB per person. If you need a little more personalized care, the VIP membership is 300RMB per class, but you get the benefit of having a certified instructor there to show you the ropes. Sorry, we couldn't pass that one up. Come and see what you can gain from becoming a svelte and healthy new you, and learn the art of breath control as a means to find the center in your life. According to Grace, this is the best way for people who have been neglecting their physical health to return to a state of well-being that might even get them noticed! You'll find Ananda Yoga on the third floor, and parking is on the street, with spaces available.

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3/F, Block C, 58 Ershengmiao Qian, 186 North Zhongshan Road


Opening Hours:
6:45am - 9:30pm

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