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Argentino Asador/阿根廷慢火牛排
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Situated in Binjiang, the atmosphere in Argentino Asador is refined – quiet, low-lit, with the majority of its patrons being middle aged couples, perhaps out for their weekly date night. The setting is undoubtedly suitable for this, a couple of large chandeliers taking focus over a limited amount of seating, mostly laid out for couples and small parties.

Opting for one of their set meals (298RMB), the first dish to arrive was the Truffle Carrot Chowder (68RMB), thick creamy, and although I personally chose to add salt, it was more for preferential reasons rather than out of necessity. Next was possibly my favourite dish of the evening, the Mushroom Risotto (98RMB). A thicker texture, yet flavoursome taste, the imported rice was cooked more al dente as one would hope for a dish of this kind.

A light Green Salad (58RMB) cleansed the palette before the main and final dish – the Boneless Ribeye with Rosemary Potatoes (198RMB). A cut of imported Australian Beef cooked ‘Argentina style’: slow cooked over a wood fire and then grilled using a range of flavours including garlic and lemon, a great deal milder than ingredients used by other Latin American neighbours. A decent size, and nice and moist, although I would mention that unless you take your steaks rare, you should specifically request it to be cooked otherwise.

Coffee (Americano 22RMB) was included and served as an adequate dessert, and although no actual dessert was included, options are available for you to choose from the a la carte menu. Also, no drinks are included in the set menu but are available as you desire. We enjoyed a bottle of Baron Villars Bordeaux (188RMB) with our meal, which complemented the dishes well, but a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be ordered.

Asador’s objective is to compete with a higher standard of cuisine, of which Hangzhou is laden with, and in doing so favours quality over quantity. Firstly, this allows you to try more dishes and therefore more tastes and textures, and what’s more, the set meals customers are steered towards all contain four or five courses, making this choice less of a problem and more of a blessing.

Asador offers a handful of set meals, starting at 188RMB per person. Prices in parentheses are a la carte prices, which are priced as such to sway customers towards choosing one of their set meals. All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

Located in the Wanfu Center’s Block A. Menus in English, Parking available, smoking not permitted.

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1/F, Building A, Wanfu Center, 228 Binkang Road

0571 8607 8829, 187 6717 2431

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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