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Art of Joy Creative Studio/艺趣艺术工作室
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Art of Joy – Joyful Art Teaching Offers endless opportunities, encouragement and guidance for children to break free of the limiting bonds of traditional arts education。

Takes its root in children’s nature and respect for their personality development.

Focuses on developing children’s artistic personality and active mind rather than specific painting skills.

About Art of Joy:

Art of Joy Creative Studio takes children on a journey into the wonderful and exciting world of art. Led by the artist and designer Noria Zhou, students of the class will learn to express themselves in many forms of art as well as discover these art forms in museums, galleries and visits to the studios of active artists. Ms. Zhou’s unique approach to art emphasises the joy of expression and how to develop an imaginative mind that will help students to excel in many areas of study outside the world of art. Outdoor art class. Using nature as both inspiration and tool. In this class the children searched for painting tools in the garden and used leafs, hands, twigs, and of course paints to create their art. The students enjoyed themselves very much doing art class in nature's garden. The theme of this class was autumn. As inspiration the teacher showed the students autumn photos, after which they created their own autumn art using hands, leaves, paper,and brush. The results were inspired, beautiful and individual stories of autumn created from their own mind. Colourful sea world. In this class the children used a mix of different tools to create a sea world. Using the same elements and theme as a starting point the end results came out quite differently. This is an example on how we are focus on encouraging the children to follow their own way and thinking to do painting, to be unique and and to develop a strong personality. Marble painting. Children love using fun tools to paint. Here we used different colours and marbles to let the students develop unique pantings. They had a lot of fun but also created brilliant paintings. The importance of communication. Our philosophy is not to tell children how to draw but to lead them to find an individual direction that suits them. We talk, we discuss, and in the end the students are very proud of themselves for being able develop how to create their art by themselves. The Art of Joy course portfolio. Beginners Teaching children to understand colour through expressive art, cultivate their awareness of colour while at the same time developing their cognitive powers of observation. In expressive art, pen and paper are not the only tools. Students will learn to expresses themselves using many different painting tools, including tools from daily life, aiding them to develop their artistic abilities and to unleash their creativity. For children having basic knowledge of painting we utilise a blended learning approach where we combine training in various creative techniques with developing a deeper understanding of art through the study of past masters. The focus throughout is the development of the students’ personal style and the cultivation on their individual artistic personality. Follow Noria Zhou 15967106896 (WeChat) for find out more information.

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