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Aussie Kitchen/澳骄
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Their head chef Julian a.k.a owner has unique journey for becoming a head chef. A young boy from Henan province moved to Shanghai to go to high school and college. He was overwhelmed by the differences compared to his small hometown. After he graduated from college, he moved to Australia to study civil engineer for Master degree, during his studies he needed to find a part time job, that is when he started working in a restaurant. The beauty of this story is that, because of this new opportunity, Julian was able to found his hidden talents and his new passion for cooking. He graduated from civil engineering in Australia, and then decided to pursue his new passion. He enrolled in Quality Training and Hospitality College in Australia, so after that he fulfilled his Certificate III in commercial cookery.

His wife being from Hangzhou, they made the decision to come to Hangzhou and open up their own restaurant. Their devotion to satisfying customers is remarkable. They want to push Australian standards when it comes to service and cleanliness. Julian and his wife are focusing making Aussie Kitchen a friendly environment that makes you feel like you are at home, with a warm cozy feeling. The interior design of the restaurant was done by themselves. You will notice the wood decorations and soft brown furniture. Everything is well kept and perfectly organized. There are even cool ways they stock their salt and pepper shakers and extra plates per table. We asked for salt and pepper and it was on a shelf behind our table, which we thought was just for decoration, but it was intended to be available for the table and act as a decoration. Their hospitality gives such a warm feeling. It felt like we were in their home, instead of their restaurant.

The ingredients are exceptionally fresh. The sauces are homemade. A lot of their products are imported from all over the world. Their salmon comes from Norway, steak comes from Australia, lamb and milk come from New Zealand , cheese comes from France, pasta comes for Italy, crab comes from Canada, and their prawns come from South America. You can taste the freshness with every bite. The food here is notably exotic. Experiencing some of the dishes were especially authentic. It felt likes moms cooking.

The menu is quite plentiful with options. Julian highly suggested the Aussie Kitchen Bruschetta (18RMB) and The Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes (28RMB). The bruschetta come in two pieces and just stacked with flavourful toppings. The toasted crunchy golden ciabatta bread as the base, then stacked with baked bacon, juicy cubed tomatoes, followed by homemade pesto mayonnaise. The balance of all the ingredients make for a delicious taste to arouse the appetite to prepare for the dishes to come after. The Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes were so cheesy, like a Gratin, a little burnt cheese on top, perfect dish for winter.

Next followed by the Tandoori Chicken Wings (2 pairs for 28RMB), it was something quite unusual, they were roasted and brushed with Tandoori sauce, very exotic, but finger licking good. We had the chance to try the Chicken Parigiana (48/78RMB), and it was a fresh chicken breast marinated with special herbs, softly breaded and lightly deep fried. Afterwards, is topped with homemade tomato sauce and melted French mozzarella. The Mexican Chicken Parmigiana (48/88RMB) included fresh jalapeno, sweet corn, and pineapple to enrich the flavours to make the chicken tender. The portion sizes were bountiful. You will notice the Parmigiana they are juicy inside and crispy on the outside. Both are served with chips and salsa.

The pasta menu list was plentiful as well. What caught my attention, was their Spaghetti Calabrese (48RMB). It was a mixture of Salami, sundried tomatoes, black olives, mushroom, with hot chili. The concoction of these ingredients made the sauce full of gourmet flavours. There was a nice kick of spice. The list of pizza selection was tough to choose from. There were so many options that looked delightful. We decided to go with their AK Special and Mediterranean Special, both priced at 58RMB/9 inch and 88RMB/12 inch. The pizzas were mouth watering. It comes on a condensed thin based dough. The toppings were well distributed on the pizza, so there were toppings for every bite. The two pizzas were cheesy, juicy, and fresh. The pizzas were dense and had no sogginess to it. We washed down everything with a glass of Australian special Lemon Limes & Bitters (20RMB), it mixed lemonade with strawberry syrup and a touch of bitters, so refreshing, we could perfectly picture ourselves sitting on the beach after a long day surfing and rewarded with this fresh and tropical drink, a little winter fantasy.

Parking is a bit difficult, you could either park on Gaoyin Street or Shiwuku Lane, but both require a little walk.

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25 Middle Zhonghe Road

177 0641 1277

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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