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Baopu Taoist Temple/抱朴道院
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If you were smart and actually used the trail maps we gave you last month, maybe you stumbled across this place. Coming from Yue Fei's Temple and winding up through the woods, patches of yellow appear through the trees. As you walk down, Baopu Taoist Temple sits, sprawling along Ge Hill. Go around lunchtime and you can eat at the restaurant. We're not saying that you make a special trip up here because if you're out of shape, it might be a strenuous journey, but when you're taking a hike through this part of Baoshi Hill... Now this is where it gets confusing. Is it Ge Hill or Baoshi Hill? We've heard that all of this area is called Baoshi Hill. Who knows? The natives say Baoshi Hill. But, Ge Hill has some special significance. Ge Hong (283-363) was a famous Taoist master who lived and died in these hills. He was an alchemist who was working on an elixir of life. He never got there, but he lived pretty long for that day and age. His Taoist name, Baopu (adhering to the true doctrine of Taoism), is the name of this temple, which marks the spot where is hut once stood. Ge Hong lies enshrined in the middle of the temple. Surrounding him is a fully functional, Taoist temple, replete with monks and monkettes (they are the ones doing all the cleaning). History aside, this is definitely one of the best temples around, and is the only Taoist temple of its kind in Zhejiang. So sweat a little to take a look-see.

Ticket: 5RMB

Take bus 7, 27, K850, Y1, Y2, K81, and Y9 getting off at the Ge Hill station 葛岭

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Entrance behind Baoqing Villa, 38 Beishan Road

0571 8798 1489

Opening Hours:
7:30am - 5:30pm

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