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Students of Hangzhou rejoice! The newly opened Bean's Café is about to become your home away from home. Located on Xixi Road close to Yugu Road, and across from the Lianhua Super Market, this quaint little café features a gate that leads to a lovely and tranquil garden area, featuring a goldfish pond and covered outdoor seating. The inside area has a distinctly funky backpacker vibe, and twinkling blue lights lend a soft glow to the bar area.

What sets this place apart from the many similar student cafés in the area you ask? The formula sounds the same, but you would be grossly mistaken in assuming this place is like all the rest. The owners here treat every student who walks through their doors like family. On our visit there, a foreign student told us in detail how the owners have treated her with immense kindness and even helped to improve her Chinese.

The many photos on the wall showcase foreign and Chinese students alike who equally love this new little café. The something special that seems to be at work here can certainly be attributed in part to the owner’s pet dog and cat -- a sweet little collie and a little white cat. Their menu is pretty tech-savvy, available in English and Chinese on an iPad that allows you to order directly using the device. Easy on the wallet, they offer a sizable range of Western and Chinese dishes, with delicious homemade shortbread cookies available. On our visit we ordered: green tea latte 30RMB, pear juice 20RMB, orange juice 15RMB, vanilla mocha coffee 32RMB, beef curry rice 28RMB, house salad 22RMB, spaghetti Bolognese 28RMB, the vegetarian sandwich 15RMB, and the ham and egg sandwich 16RMB. The beef curry was delicious, and the spaghetti was equally satisfying. In addition to the wonderful atmosphere and student-friendly menu, Bean’s is also offering free bike rentals to anyone with a student id card! If you are looking for more than just coffee, they have red wine, beer, cocktails, and even Chinese liquor available. Smoking is allowed, and they are open from 8am till 2am. (The owner said they’ll close around 1am if the restaurant be empty.) Bean's is sure to become your new favorite hangout. 

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358 Xixi Road

0571 8536 3203

Opening Hours:
8am - 2am

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