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Beerepublic is a fantastic and cozy beer joint a short walk away from West Lake Cultural Square on a cozy side street. They’ve just gotten started with 10 taps of a bunch of interesting and little-known brews from all over the world. When we arrived, the atmosphere was a lot like a cocktail bar, with the atmosphere lending itself well to a conversation or a date or both.

We started off with the Harry Tuttle Saison, a delightful fruity beer from the Barley Forge Brewing Co, perfect for the summer months and making the heat and typhoons feel a little less oppressive.

The owner, Ye Dan, has quite a bit of history in Hangzhou. Way back before my time in 1998, he opened the legendary SOHO bar, popular with expats at the time—some of you may remember the “The Honeys”, the rock band that got started playing there—later the Tent Bar on Yuhuang Mountain, and eventually he’d go on to run 7 Club. Four years ago, he opened the Beerepublic retail store in Mr. Box and later on cooperated with Craft Beer Buyer to open their shop in the Power Long Shopping Mall. He’s now funneled that expertise (and beer supply!) into this new place.

Beerepublic has outdoor seating perfect for people watching, and easy parking. Inside is adorned with album covers to rock ’n’ roll classics (a homage to Dan’s past ventures).

Our next drink was the Tossed Words IPA from Belching Beaver Brewery in America. I’m generally not a fan of IPAs, but this was an excellent brew and complimented the beers that bookended it nicely.

Regarding their non-beer fixins, they have a limited menu as of my tasting, but if you’re familiar with Mislead’s Stefano, Hangzhou’s pizza master, you will be interested to know that he will be providing four varieties of pizza to Beerepublic starting the week this article is published, the price will be around 78RMB/9 inches. I wish I’d waited!

Our third beer was the Sleeping Lemons beer from the Wild Beer co. It’s a Gose beer—something I was totally unfamiliar with—and it has an almost salty and definitely sour initial flavor, but mellowed out into something really sublime a little further down the glass.

If you’re into beer tasting, if you’re into trying new things and expanding your horizons, Beerepublic offers you a chance to engage in some easy beer tourism all in one location. Beers run from 20-60RMB, and the varieties change regularly. 

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600 North Zhongshan Road, junction of Chunyu Lane
中山北路600弄春雨巷口 (武林府对面)

0571 8529 1709

Opening Hours:
7pm - 2am

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