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Brew Gang/上乘精酿餐吧
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Brew Gang has everything when comes to Western style food from burgers, pizzas, steaks, soups and salads. Brew Gang has everything when it comes to social drinking, you can get craft beers, wine, gin, rum, whisky, vodka, tequila, and brandy. If you don’t drink alcohol, there are mocktails, coffee, tea, and fresh juice available. Brew Gang has something for everyone. Located just by Hefang tourist’s area on 422-434 South Zhongshan Road, this is one of Hangzhou’s busiest pedestrian streets and now you can find one of Hangzhou’s newest spots for food and drinks there.  

The name Brew Gang isn’t just for their craft beer, which will not go unmentioned, but they want everyone to know to know something is always brewing at Brew Gang. That means the chefs brew delicious dishes, the barista brews the coffee, the bartender is brewing some elaborate uplifting cocktails, and the brew master is brewing tasty craft beer. 

The entire staff works together to brew the best ideas. A lot of research was conducted into this fine establishment. Key staff members traveled to different parts of the world to gather brilliant bar/restaurant concepts. They went to America, Canada, and Denmark just to name a few. 

When you first walk by you think you are looking at traditional Chinese housing, but then you notice a glass room full of beer brewing equipment. After taking a closer look, you will see the different levels of seating, and then wonder what this place is? The outside is very traditional with freshly painted white walls with very traditional Asian roofing. After you go inside, you can see the American industrial steel style with a modern sleek design. Brew Gang has five different seating areas including a bar, high tables, low tables and outdoor seating, in total it fits up to 250 people. They have TV’s throughout, while playing up beat music. It’s very clear Brew Gang means business. 

Now let’s get to my favourite part, the craft beer. Chris the brew master is very passionate about brewing beer. He was working a normal 9-5 job and realized he likes to be mobile rather than sitting, and really enjoys listening to music while working. One day he tried wheat beer for the first time and fell in love. His wife encouraged him to buy some books for home brewing. Eventually, he got a job in Shanghai. He gained three years experience and even worked at boxing cat brewery. 

Beers at Brew Gang go for 38RMB for a 350 ML glass and 48 RMB for a 480 ML glass. The first one we had was the Paradise Walk Wit Bier (4.7%) (IBU 13). After my first sip, I knew I would drink this pint dry. It has a very bright orange colour tone, so I already had a good feeling before trying the Wit bier. It was easy to drink and super crisp. One of the most well-balanced beers I have ever tasted. The notes of fruit gave a sweet aroma. 

The second beer was the Vienna Lager (5.2%) (23 IBU), and wow this is what a lager should be like. This was one of the most refreshing beers I have ever come across. The smoothness makes the drinkability the perfect session beer for any occasion. It had just the right amount of Vienna malt notes that compliments the crisp drink profile. 

The third beer was Brew Gang’s Travellers IPA (6.7%) (IBU 58) and once again this did not disappoint. It had an amber colour to it, which is rare for IPA’s. It was hard to believe that it was 6.7% because of it’s ingredients evenness. At first you get the hints of fruit flavours and at the end there was a touch of bitterness, which is what makes an IPA. For anyone who isn’t an IPA fan, this one can help you ease into IPA. For IPA fans you will also appreciate this one. 

The last beer was the Drum Tower Stout (5.6%) (28 IBU). Once again Chris was able to deliver one of the most flavourful stouts in Hangzhou. This isn’t your average stout. Your taste buds will experience a blast of flavour. It had all the characteristics of a stout. It had the dark roast chocolate aroma, with coffee, nutty flavour and a touch of vanilla. But what made this so delicious is that it was also smoky. Most stouts are usually dark in colour while this one was more on the brown side, which resembled wood chips. You can really taste the smoky aspects of this full-bodied beer which makes it very delicious. It is a must try.

Now it was time to see what the Chef can brew in the kitchen. Their chef has 20 years experience throughout China, and mostly in Shanghai.  A lot of Brew Gang’s food ingredients are imported because they know some of the best stuff cannot be bought locally. The most enjoyable dish was The Australian Grilled Marbled Beef Steak with black pepper (230g) (198RMB). Let me just say it was superb. It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is Michelin certified. Cutting the meat with ease and seeing the perfect pink colour on the inside made my tummy smile. It came with steak sauce and vegetables. I highly recommend you try this meat dish. 

The Mushroom (38RMB) and Japanese Pumpkin soup with Scallop (38RMB) were both wonderful. Especially with winter being around the corner, a nice warm bowl of soup can do wonders. They were both thick and creamy. Every spoonful was savoury and delightful on my palate.  

English beer batter fish and chips (58RMB) comes with a nice portion of battered fish, that was nowhere near the soggy side, it was perfectly crisp and comes with a side of French fires and one of the best honey lemon tart sauces. 

For 48 RMB you can’t go wrong with the Spaghetti Bolognese. The meat sauce was meaty and cheesy. It had a thick texture with a hint of sweetness to it. The portion was nothing short of small. 

The Cod Burger (88RMB) was stacked with fresh vegetables and thousand island sauce. The burger bun was on point, toasted nicely to a crisp with a crunch to it while the dough inside was soft and warm. Every bite gave me waves of freshness in my mouth. 

For the last dish we went with the Caesar Salad (48RMB). Just a bowl packed with salad goods such as chopped up chicken breast, romaine lettuce leaves, porter smoked bacon, parmesan, and herb croutons. A very solid choice for a salad. 

We finished off the evening with a fancy cocktail. It was our desert in a way. I needed something sweet after this night filled with craft beer and incredible food. We went with the Cucumber Daquiri (58RMB), the presentation is Instagram worthy, and it was thirst quenching. It felt like a mix of Hendricks gin and tonic combined with a mojito.


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422-434 South Zhongshan Road

177 9984 2775

Opening Hours:
11am - 1am

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