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Café Couture/珂图咖啡厅
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Despite the menu at Couture’s already being a great mix of East and West, the selection has been further enlarged to include new range of tasty treats to entice customers with. These new dishes fall under two categories: the hearty and the healthy. So, whether you’re looking for a light bite or something more substantial, Couture provides.

Towards the healthy side, a new list of salads has been added and include the Spring Salad with Grilled Pumpkin and Millet (58RMB), the Grilled Chicken Asparagus Salad with Kidney Beans (68RMB) and the Mexican Style Salsa Salmon Salad (68RMB). We tried the lattermost of these, a decent sized salad with plenty of fish, eggs, veg and some Jalapeños for a little added kick. All salads are sized to make them great as a side for two to share or to eat alone.

Healthy options have also added to the drinks menu, with the hot additions of Health Tea (58RMB) and the Healthy Latte (48RMB). The tea, served in a pot, was a wonderful blend of dried berries and herbs with a resulting flavour a great balance of sweet and sour that will have you refilling your cup again and again.

On the other, more meaty side, are brunch and dinner choices. The brunch is available all-day daily, are rather large and would set you up perfectly for the long day ahead. The first is a dish that includes grilled chicken, bacon, a double portion of eggs, salad and home made bread (78RMB), while the second, slightly smaller option, contains sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, salad and home made bread (68RMB). These are both as hefty as they sound, the delicious wholegrain bread and authentic breakfast sausage both extremely appetizing elements.

New dinner items include the Australian Wagyu Beef Pasta (88RMB), the Grilled Australian Ribeye Steak (198RMB) and BBQ Pork Ribs (88RMB), all of which contain good portions of meat with vegetable sides.

The stand-out dish for us was the Oxtail and Tomato Stew (168RMB), a huge pot with large chunks of meat, tomato, cabbage and other assorted veg. A hearty dish easily big enough to for 2 or 3 people to share.

While Couture take great pride in their food, their real passion is in furniture. Attached to the restaurant is a huge art space exhibiting a large selection of luxury and beautifully-designed furniture to take a look at after your meal. Also, the space is available for private functions, from birthday parties, to seminars to book readings. So if you are in need of a classy, high-end space for your event be sure to contact them.

To find Couture’s entrance, approach from Siji Road(四季路)and go up the escalator before the Family Mart. Open from 11am - 9:30pm. Menus in English, smoking not permitted.

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2/F, Dikai International Center, 19 Dangui Street, Xincheng Commercial

0571 5856 8987

Opening Hours:
​11am - 9pm

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