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Cakeyao offers high-end baked goods to make that special occasion one to remember so that when the candles are blown out everyone will be fighting for that first slice. Miss Yao, the store’s owner, chose to open her cake business after travelling to Italy and sampling for herself a real, authentically-made Tiramisu. On returning to Hangzhou, she opened Cakeyao to share her love of cakes with the people of Hangzhou and has been doing so for the past three years.

The vast majority of Cakeyao’s business is done by delivery – cakes of varying sizes can be ordered and paid for through their official WeChat account to be delivered within the next few days. A clearly laid out shop allows you to browse through a selection of rolls, cakes and other sweet delights to find something perfect for the occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, Halloween or wedding day.

A lot of Cakeyao’s menu is seasonal: lighter cakes for the summer, richer cakes for the colder months. Also, their cakes use in-season fruit, so you know the ingredients will be fresh and at their best-tasting. Add to this that their cakes are made to order and the result is one of high quality and great taste.

We tried the Cheesecake (smallest size 198RMB), perfect for summer with a frozen centre to withstand the heat, cooling you down. Their Macaroons (priced by order) were great too, including flavours such as Vanilla, Coffee and, our favourite, Salted Caramel.

If you decided you want to pop in, they have an afternoon time package for 218RMB for two, including some fruit, snacks and a pot of tea of your choice. Available from 2pm-6pm, although you will need to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Add ‘cakeyao2’ to begin browsing their store (Chinese only). Delivery is free for the more central districts of Hangzhou.

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2020-11-23 17:06:21
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9 Pingfeng Street

155 5813 3211

Opening Hours:
10am – 8pm (Place order), 11am – 6pm (afternoon tea)

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