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Carbon Italian (Ex-Mercato)/
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Three years ago, Mercato Piccolo was a big splash on Hangzhou’s food scene.  It comes with an impressive pedigree, originating from Mercato restaurant created by Shanghai’s Three on the Bund and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Chef Jean-Georges is one of the most celebrated chefs in the world with 3 Michelin Stars, 4 stars from the New York Times and creator of 27 outstanding multi awarded restaurants in 8 countries.

We remember all the trendsetters in town came to the opening night, Mercato Piccolo was a fashion topic for at least a month.

Since the company has ended their co-operation with Shanghai restaurant Mercato, it is now simply called Carbon and we will designate it Carbon (Italian). As part of the new changes, Chef Sandro from the Shanghai Mercato restaurant has come aboard and he will be at the restaurant everyday cooking and overseeing the kitchen. He has worked over the menu, keeping the signature favourite dishes, and adding at least 12 new dishes.

One fine sunny afternoon, we sat down to sample the long list of new dishes and here are our favourites.

Lobster Salad with Corn (龙虾沙拉配甜玉米, 198RMB) has succulent, soft morsels of Atlantic lobster that were a real joy to eat. There’s a lot of flavour in the lobster that feels like it’s been gently poached in. The baby romaine lettuce leaves are dressed in a light herby dressing and accented with thin slices of red bird’s eye chili, which reminds one of a Thai salad.

In Seafood and Stracciatella Pizza (海鲜芝士披萨, 158RMB), the seafood here is again cooked perfectly, still retaining their natural juices and not rubbery at all. There’s a combination of squid and shrimp with creamy, milky stracciatella cheese on their thick puffy crust pizza.

Risotto Arborio with Porcini Mushroom and Pumpkin (意式南瓜饭配牛肝菌松露和帕玛桑芝士, 88RMB) was very yummy and flavourful. As you spoon through the creamy, savoury rice you’ll find firm, thin slices of porcini mushroom buried inside. You don’t really notice the pumpkin taste, it lends itself instead to providing the beautiful pale orange colour. As the temperature finally becomes cooler in Autumn, this carb-rich dish will be a good pick.

Their Oven Roasted Suckling Pig (烤乳猪, 188RMB) was the best suckling pig I’ve had in a long time. Herbs were coated on the underside of a portion of suckling pig and it was then rolled up and roasted. The skin was so crispy it made a cracking sound when you break the roulade open and the fat was just melting.

Beef Short Ribs (牛仔骨, 298RMB) was classically prepared – tender beef rib over creamy mashed potatoes with a red wine sauce.

For dessert, you won’t go wrong with Buttermilk Basil Panna Cotta (白脱牛奶罗勒奶冻和草莓, 48RMB). The panna cotta was smooth and creamy, topped with tart chunks of orange and grapefruit. A small scoop of strawberry sorbet on the side adds another refreshing element to balance the creamy panna cotta.

Carbon (Italian) continues to be one of the best western restaurants in Hangzhou and Chef Sandro’s new dishes are delicious additions to the existing menu.

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Booth 123, 1/F, Block D, Hangzhou Mansion (next to Starbucks)
杭州大厦D座1楼123商铺 (星巴克隔壁)

0571 8190 5656

Opening Hours:
11am - 11pm
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