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Cha Ren Cun/茶人村
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Last month we did a review of Lu Jun Ju which is located on Longjing Road and it wasn't that impressive, but we weren't about to give up on such a sweet area, so we decided to go to Cha Ren Cun. Unfortunately when we got there it was a bit rainy, so we had to sit inside. The rickety wood stairs led to an upstairs that was as traditional as it was inviting. The view overlooks the tea fields to the back of the restaurant. Though we got there a bit late, the room next to us was filled with people playing mahjong. It had the feeling like we were stepping back in time especially because of the Qing dynasty-like stools and table. Their partial picture menu made it easier to order, but now looking at the translated menu we've made for you, I'm not sure why we didn't get the Curry Ostrich Meat or the Cumin Seeds and Garlic Grilled Lamb Ribs. Oh well, there's always next time, and there should be a next time, because the food and atmosphere were very satisfying. Don't skip the Assorted Vegetables Fried with Eel Slices or the Chinese Style Sandwich. The latter being like Beijing Duck wraps with diced meat that's not duck. The Cha Ren Cun Stir Fry was also delicious, more so when folded into the aforementioned wraps. The only thing that was a bit below par was the Oily Bean Curd Bread in Meat Sauce, which we thought was a little too oily, but hey, it did say that it was oily, so maybe that's the way it should be. Our meal for four came to an easy to swallow 128 RMB. 

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Longjing Road (junction of Wulaofeng Tunnel)

0571 8798 2998

Opening Hours:
8:30am - 8:30pm

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