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Chapo Pealla/插播西班牙海鲜饭
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The owners of La Pedrera have created a fast food outlet to quickly churn out paellas and cocas so that you can get your Spanish food fix without spending hours in a sit-down restaurant. Located in the basement area of Hubin InTime In77, their new restaurant Chapo has limited table seating and some bar stools along the wall. It’s meant to be an eat and dash kind of place and that’s reflected in the prices which are lower than at La Pedrera’s sit down restaurants. Salads for 28-38RMB, Paellas for 38-48RMB and the cocas – Spanish pizzas – for 40-48RMB.

Appealing to the local market, Chapo has added some fusion twists to their classic paellas and cocas. You’ll find Spicy Crayfish Paella (小龙虾辣饭, 48RMB), Curry Potato and Beef Paella (咖喱土豆牛肉饭, 42RMB), Mushroom Cheese Paella (特制菌菇芝士焗饭, 38RMB) and Tandoori and Corn Coca (唐杜里鸡肉玉米COCA, 40RMB). Of course, there are still the standards like Classic Spanish Seafood Paella (西班牙经典海鲜饭, 48RMB), Squid Ink Paella (嘿吃黑墨鱼汁饭, 48RMB) and Spanish Ham Mushroom Coca (火腿菌菇COCA)

The small kitchen is completely open to view. As soon as you place your order, you can watch the cooks get to work on your dish. The cooking process for the paella is streamlined and only takes fifteen minutes from start to finish.

The Spanish Ham Mushroom coca had a good amount of high quality ham topping a thick fluffy crust. The Spicy Crayfish Paella contained lots of fiery red chilies and is for those who really like spicy food. The Classic Spanish Seafood Paella was nicely done.

Chinese only menu and parking is available in the underground parking lot.

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124-2, B1/F, In77, Hubin InTime, 245 Yan'an Road

186 0653 5316

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9:30pm

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