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Chatian Wushe /茶田吾舍
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Chatian Wushe roughly translates into, “House in the Tea Field,” and this place lives up to its name. Now this place isn’t the easiest to find considering it’s located on Qingzhiwu, a small road that runs between Yuquan Road and the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University, but we feel confident, that when you find it, you won’t want to leave.

The easiest way we’ve found to get to Chatian Wushe is to go up Yuquan Road. About three quarters of the way up the road, it will bend to the left. At that bend look to your right (north), if you’re in the right spot you’ll see a road that leads up into the tea fields. That’s Qingzhiwu. Take it and look for the big tea house on your left, just past the tea fields.

We started with soft-boiled duck eggs (5RMB/egg), served in shell, and mixed with savory minced pork. We have no idea how they did it, but they were good. Next up was their homemade Chinese sausage and soy beans (22RMB). Some people find this style sausage too sweet, but if you’re a fan, theirs is a must-try. The next dish was for the vegetarians. It’s a dish the owners had while staying at a Buddhist Temple and they took the recipe with them. For only 8RMB it’s easily the most cost effective thing on the menu, but the taste is anything but, with cabbage, tofu, and potato served in a simmering harmony. The orange shrimp (48RMB) were a sweet success. The sauce has a soft citrus aroma to it from the orange zest used to create it. Careful, these shrimp are addictive. The drunken fish and dongpo pork (38RMB) was devoured before it even had time to cool. It was tender, cooked just right, and struck a perfect balance between salty and sweet. Next up was the free-range chicken soup with assorted mushrooms (48RMB) which was just what one needs to chase away winter’s chill. If that doesn’t work, try the spicy bullfrog (48RMB) with lotus and cilantro. If you’re a fan of spice this dish doesn’t disappoint.

We washed all of this down with a pitcher of their signature sangria (108RMB) and some fresh-squeezed tangerine juice (10RMB/small 18RMB/large). At the end of our lunch we were so happily stuffed we wished we could spend the night. Well guess what? You can! Chatian Wushe is also a hostel offering cozy rooms for under 300RMB/night. So whether you in the mood for afternoon tea, a full meal, or a weekend retreat Chatian Wushe has you covered. Check it out! Presently there is no English menu, and parking can be a hassle due to the construction of Yuquan Road.  

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1 Shihushan Road, Qingzhiwu

0571 8701 8969

Opening Hours:
9am - 9pm

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