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Chez Shibata/柴田西点
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How does this legendary restaurant with over 100 branches across China still manage to get reviewed when a new one opens up? When each restaurant is as unique and creative as in the Grandma’s chain, we really have no choice. Their Westbrook Resort spot, Grandma's Home, is architecturally gorgeous, designed by the famous designers Shen Lei, Sun Yun. Shen Lei is the core of IAD (Interior Architecture Design), he graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. His partner, Sun Yun, graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy. They have been working together for 10 years. You can find many places around town designed by them: Traveler Bar, Third Movement Café, She Wants HK Restaurant, Lu Yu, Alibaba, Taobao, etc. Since 2008, they have designed nearly 40 restaurants branches for Grandma's Kitchen. Grandma’s has partnered with Chez Shibata, the legendary Japanese cake and coffee shop, which makes for a fantastic post-meal treat.

This location has done away with the foreigner-friendly, bilingual, sheet-of-paper menu, and opted for a Chinese-only, picture-less menu. With a bit of searching, we found most of our longtime favorites, like Organic Cauliflower 干锅有机花菜 (25RMB), Fried Potato 干锅土豆片 (18RMB), and the infinitely good Green Tea Chicken 茶香鸡 (45RMB). As is the case with most Grandma’s locations, they have some dishes that are unique to one location, and are excellent. We recommend the Barbecue Pork 脆皮叉烧肉 (68RMB), sweet and tender slices of Cantonese style pork wrapped in lettuce. It’s a little pricey, but mouth-wateringly good. The Blackfish with Pickled Cabbage 酸菜鱼 (58RMB) was skinless and boneless, exactly how we like it. Their Green Bean Soup 奶香青豆泥 (15RMB) was sweet and delightful, and the Spring Rolls 港式春卷 (12RMB) made a great vegetarian starter. They also make Fried Rice 砂锅炒饭 (28RMB), with pork and shrimp that is now our favorite.

Their drink menu is expanded compared to other locations. They have many options for excellent, fresh-squeezed juices. We tried the orange juice and mango juice. At only 18RMB per, both were bargains. They also have some good draft beer options, like a German black beer 别格黑皮 (28RMB) and Hoegaarden 福佳 (28RMB).

They don’t really have a dessert and coffee menu, but with Chez Shibata connected to their front entrance, you don’t really need one. Chez Shibata’s desserts taste just how they look, elegant and extravagant. They craft well-balanced desserts which are not overly sweet, and allow the natural flavors to speak for themselves. Their signature dessert is La Venus (46RMB), a chocolate and custard confection with a deep red cocoa powder. Decadent for sure, but our favorites were actually two of their 28RMB options: the Chocolat Banane and the Eclair Caramel Beurre Salé.

Their coffee, hot chocolate, and tea selection is excellent as well. Their Americano (26RMB) was enjoyable but the Vanilla Mocha (36RMB) is downright luxurious. The Cocoa Mint hot chocolate (30RMB) and Red Bean Milk Tea (30RMB) are perfect alternatives if you need to avoid that late night coffee fix. Head upstairs to their cozy den to enjoy your dessert or sit in their plush leather chairs up front. Parking is available.

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21 Zijingang Road

0571 8735 7582

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm

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