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We are always looking for new restaurants for our readers to visit. This time we were attracted by the story of the restaurant, and eventually wanted to take a stroll down the culinary side of this newcomer on Middle Zhongshan Road.

Chimney, founded in June 2019, serves in three floors. You enter to a small lzakaya-type street bar, and ascend to the second and third floors, where the tables and dining halls are. The hipster-like atmosphere and decor suit the theme well, and the old wooden roof brings out nicely the history of the building.

The founder Ellen Xu spent six years studying Economics and Psychology among other things in California and worked at a production company as a documentary filmmaker, she travelled around the U.S. and Asia to learn the special food and drink repertoires of the areas.

According to Ellen, Chimney adds a new concept to the restaurant scene of Hangzhou. Customers are welcomed to enjoy it as a whole, which means you don’t only pay for the food and drinks, but also the decor and high-quality ingredients. Chimney doesn’t open during lunch time, and also note that it might be hard time to find parking space nearby.

The menu could be described as Japanese-fusion and in addition to yakitori-skewers, including Wasabi Kikkoman Breast (17RMB) and Meatball (21RMB), there is also a selection of dishes (salads, fish, beef…) that feature tastes from different parts of the world.

We went for Camembert (25RMB) and Bacon Deviled Eggs and Salmon Roe (69RMB). Especially the Camembert (two pieces of cheese on a bread) was delicious, but the portion really could have been bigger.

We tried the Hamachi Crudo (77RMB), a fish-dish, which was for some reason labelled as a vegetable dish. Although this looks like sashimi, it’s actually crudo! Sashimi emphasizes the purity of the fish’s flavour (soy sauce is a huge insult to the chef), while crudo is an Italian way of preparing raw fish and typically involves marinating the fish and infusing the flavours of oil and other ingredients into the fish. This is a very refreshing dish, it’s perfect for summer, and the sourness from the citrus jelly will open up your appetite for the following dishes.

The Binchotan Charred Parmesan Street Corn (37RMB). Ellen got her inspiration from Mexico. This corn gets grilled and slathered with an amazing mayonnaise blend and topped with Parmesan cheese and paprika. All of these flavours combined were incredible! We couldn’t get enough of this corn, we know that you guys are going to love it as much as we did. And we can assume you there is no other place serves it.

The Homemade Chicken Fafa Tortillas (67RMB) were nice and fresh, and the Malaysian influenced flour tortilla was super delicious. There were enough salsa, chicken and guacamole for more than only two tortillas, feel free to ask for some more.

The bar is specialized in Bourbon and Japanese whisky, and the menu also focuses on cocktails and sakes, beer and wine are also available. We sampled a few cocktails, they are all pretty standard. We would suggest to try at least the smoky served East Bay Spice Company (77RMB) and Santa Barbara (87RMB). Be sure to ask the bartender for some recommendations.

If you arrive with a curious mind and a big appetite, you will end up spending a lot of money. We recommend visiting here for some great drinks and maybe treat yourself with some snacks on the side.

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