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Craft Beer Buyer Bar/精酿买手
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Binjiang is becoming more and more appealing these days, there are new mega malls and brand new restaurants that cater to expats. There is now a recently opened exciting beer bar called Craft Beer Store. It is located on the 5th floor in the PowerLong shopping center. There are 60 seats indoors and soon there will even be an outdoor beer garden. Who doesn’t like beers outside during a nice sunny day? The music selection had a subtle electro feel which gives the bar a very chill vibe. 

The beauty of this bar is that two already existing beer companies have collaborated together to open this bar. Beer Republic who has already opened a few locations in Hangzhou is involved. They run an online shop and have retail shops where you can purchase quality beer. So it is safe to say that they know a thing or two about how to operate a business that involves craft beer. They feel they know what is cool for beer drinkers and they also respect quality beer. Beer Republic had previous experience doing business with an import company called Craft Beer Buyer so the two companies decided to work together and open Craft Beer Store.

A little about Craft Beer Buyer is that they import beers from all over the world. Two of the biggest companies that they represent are Holgate, which is Australian brand and Stevens Point, which comes from Wisconsin, USA. Jessa Jiang, the owner of Craft Beer buyer is very experienced importing beer from all over the world. She can explain flavours of beer very well and explains them in detail. She has done it all when comes to branding her beer company, sales, marketing, and online presence. She hopes to spread the craft beer experience in Hangzhou, by having some of the best, unique and most limited craft beers in stock. 

Craft Beer Store has over 300 different types of bottled craft beer from all over the world available. Some other countries they import from are Denmark, Norway, Spain and many more. This is the place to come experiment with some new unique craft beer flavours. Prices range from 25RMB for a beer, and it can go all the way up to 1000RMB for the most limited craft beers. You will try some of the best beers and have a great experience doing so at this beer bar. Keep a look out for promotions that they offer.

Craft beer Store has an Official Wechat (ID: craftbeerstore) that keeps you up to date with their news, promotions, and anything related to craft beer. You can even order beer from their Wechat account and it should arrive within a day or two. 

One neat thing about this bar is that all the bottled beers are on display in fridges so you can grab one, read the label and examine the beer bottle by yourself. It is a great way to learn more about many different craft beers. Some of their inventory has some really rare beers. The Beer Geek Maple Vanilla Shake beer (120RMB). It is a 13% beer from Denmark. It is a stout beer with a very sweet flavour that is similar to a milkshake with maple flavour.

The locally brewed IPA called Coda Di Volpe (32RMB). Named after a little known varietal of white grape around Naples, Italy, it also gives this beer a nice touch of white wine flavor. The beer is lighter than most IPA’s and is home-brewed in China. It has a smooth taste and has hints of a fruity flavour.

The Logsdon beer in a way is very similar to champagne with its bubbly effect. It is hard to believe it is a beer. This beer is very hard to find. The beer is brewed on a farm and they let it sit for ten years before it is sold. There are many different types of Logsdon beer. The bottles range from 200RMB to 700RMB.

A couple of beers to mention as well is Holgate’s Temptress Choc Porter (38RMB) which is their chocolate stout. Another one from Holgate is their Hop Tart (38RMB); this is their semi-sour pale ale.

The experience at the Craft Beer Store was a very pleasurable one. It is definitely a great place for you and your friends to go and enjoy your night trying new craft beers. They are open from 6PM to 2AM every day.


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5/F, Power Long Shopping Mall, Binjiang

177 4680 1730

Opening Hours:
6pm - 2am

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