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eShine Café & Meal/壹向好生活
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EShine has been one of our favourite restaurant chains lately. The fresh, healthy meals at reasonable prices have us eating there regularly. Not resting on their laurels, each season eShine will introduce new items to its menu and we recently went to eShine’s headquarters on Moganshan Road to have a tasting of their new summer items. The Moganshan location is by far their largest branch, sitting up to 200 people on 2 levels and the interiors feature lots of green plants and natural wood furnishings. You can check out the 2nd floor where handicrafts and designer items are for sale.

For summer, eShine’s theme is green. Green drinks, green soups, green pastas and green salads to keep you cool. The summer menu features kale – the green leafy vegetable that is full of antioxidants and helps the body detoxify and lower cholesterol. It’s a superfood that has been celebrated in the west these last few of years.

First up, the Kale Pineapple Juice (28RMB) had a gorgeous emerald green colour and you get a lot of sweetness from the pineapple juice. The Pea Soup with Crispy Cheese (18RMB) tasted like a fresh, green, vibrant spring morning. It had a subtle nutty taste and a light creaminess. A sprinkle of chili pepper on top added spiciness and the cheese crisp gave salty umami to counter the sweetness in the pea.

Kale Cherry Salad (33RMB) had kale, red cherries, mango, pear slices and pumpkin seeds. The salad dressing was made with white wine vinegar which gave a more grown-up, sophisticated taste verses the all too common sweet balsamic vinegar. An ingredient that stood out here was the soft and sweet nuggets of red barely and rice. They were quite fun to eat.

We really like the Pistachio Rotini (33RMB) where pistachios were ground up to make a sweet almost buttery pesto sauce. Served at room temperature with carrots, sliced mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus and beef strips, this healthy and tasty dish is very suitable for hot weather eating.

Every Wednesday, there is a salad promotion – buy any salad and get another one for 15RMB. Every Friday, the promotion is for sandwiches – buy any sandwich and get the second one for 15RMB. Register on eShine’s WeChat account before May 29 and you can get a Kale Pineapple Juice on May 30 for only 9.9RMB.


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1/F, Eshine Building, 266 Moganshan Road

0571 2825 3285

Opening Hours:
9am - 11pm

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