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eShine Eats, EAC Branch/壹向轻食, 欧美中心店
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We’re always happy to discover more restaurants with healthy eating choices. Eshine is exactly that kind of place, serving fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, pastas and fresh juice blends. Eshine was started by a Hangzhou businessman who immigrated to America. While over there, he discovered that light and fresh meals can also taste really good. He wanted to bring this concept back to Hangzhou to give people an alternative from the oily local food.

The obvious comparisons to Element Fresh have to be made, and we can say that although the menu is smaller, Eshine is just as good, less expensive and more conveniently located. There are already four branches in Hangzhou: at In City Plaza on Gudun Road, their main branch at Moganshan Road, the Beta branch at Tongpu Road and the newly opened branch at EAC center on Jiaogong Road.

The Eshine Cobb Salad (39RMB) is hearty enough to be a main course, containing soft ripe avocadoes, smoked chicken, grated cheese, grape tomatoes, eggs and salad leaves. The salad dressing is updated with wasabi flavour to add interest. The Strawberry Salad (32RMB) uses smaller organic strawberries that are tastier than the larger variety. It has a sweet pomegranate dressing, almonds, avocado and butter garlic croutons. The colourful Grainy Earth Salad (29RMB) contains nutritious quinoa, corn and carrots. For an additional price, any salad can be topped with chicken, steak, salmon or butter garlic croutons.

The Italian Veal Meatball Fettuccine (32RMB) was saucy with tender meatballs. The Kickin’ Chicken Panini Sandwich (32RMB) harmoniously combined many ingredients and flavours – red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, chicken, cheese – with a tomato herb sauce. Sometimes paninis can be too thick, or the bread too hard to bite, but this one had none of those issues.

For the drinks, there are fresh juice blends such as Cucumber & Honeydew (32RMB), Beets & Apple (29RMB), Passion Fruit & Mango (32RMB), Spinach, Kiwi & Banana (25RMB) and Avocado Honeydew (39RMB).

There is a special promotion at the EAC center branch until March 15: for 48RMB, you can get a strawberry salad, BBQ chicken wings and Spanish basil tomato soup. This offer is valid during the hours 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.

2016-09-16 15:49:30
The food was great! I'll go back again! Maybe you could post the addresses of the other branches.Thanks for sharing!
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1/F, EAC, 26 Jiaogong Road

0571 2800 2377

Opening Hours:
9am - 9pm

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