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Feast Signature Restaurant at Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel/杭州滨江银泰喜来登大酒店盛宴标帜餐厅
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Besides from the quality of the food, what will probably catch your eye most about this buffet is its price, at only 288RMB (purchased through WeChat), it’s already priced on the lower end of the spectrum, but even better is that it includes unlimited drinks, including Budweiser, and selected wines, as well as that pesky service charge. 

As for the food, we were surprised just by the sheer amount of it available, with a mainly international selection, but also an emphasis on some local regional dishes that we found a nice addition. 

For our first plate of many, we started out at the cold cuts station, and had Smoked Chicken Breast, Cucumber Sushi Rolls, and Tuna and Salmon Sashimi slices. The Sashimi were all fresh, and we had our slices cut thick just how we like it. We were excited for Oysters, but by the time we had arrived, they’d all been snatched up.

As for the second plate, we focused on the hot dishes station, which had a big range of both Western and Chinese style dishes, including two huge Crawfish dishes, especially popular among locals. We instead opted for some fresh Arugula Salad leaves, boiled Baby Potatoes, Bacon Enoki Mushrooms, and Sole Fish. What stood out was the freshness, as well as the effort put in towards the healthiness of the dish, one of my favourite of which was the Sole, prepared with just olives, peppers, and sesame seeds, it was simple yet delicious, I ended up eating a whole plate of it on its own.

My next plate was essentially my main course, packed full with protein form the grill station, mixing together various cuts of chicken and beef, as well as a few slices of their speciality sausages. 

There’s also another grilling station that does Chinese style skewer meats and vegetables, but what caught our attention more was the massive oven by its side, used for our favourite dish of the night, Beijing Duck. Grilled in a traditional oven made by the renowned brand Lu Zao Cao, it has a history going back more than 100 years, the duck was prepared authentically with a thin crispy skin, juicy and flavourful meat, and was served alongside steamed pancakes, cucumbers, spring onions, and a sweat bean sauce.

Of course no buffet experience would be complete without a visit to the dessert bar, with imported Italian gelato ice creams (try the honey flavour, you’ll thank us), a chocolate fountain, crepes, and so many cakes and cookies to choose from. 

Feast at the Sheraton is definitely a must-visit if you’re a fan of buffets, and is really one of the best value deals we’ve seen around Hangzhou. The buffet is available only for dinner, and you can buy the voucher through the hotels official WeChat shop. Free parking available for buffet customers.

Lunch: 300RMB (Sat. & Sun.), dinner: 360RMB.

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2/F, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel, 1769 Jianghong Road

0571 8790 7777

Opening Hours:
5:30pm - 9pm

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