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No, that’s not an order, though it certainly would be a good piece of advice, as the Sheraton at Xixi Wetlands has put their finishing touches on the all-day dining buffet restaurant called Feast.

Feast is well laid out in a familiar and sensible hotel buffet style yet still manages to elevate your dining experience with its dazzling interior and thoughtful design. Overlooking a stylised carp-filled pool with exotic plants and pagodas, your repast is almost guaranteed to be a tranquil affair.

You will find all your familiar favourites at the buffet including the ever popular seafood display with a fine selection including prawns, shrimps, snow-crabs, mussels, scallops and ‘shucked to order’ imported oysters with accompanying dips and sauces. You will also find the ubiquitous Japanese corner with an attractive display of sushi, maki-sushi and some rather nice fillets of sashimi ready to be sliced to order. Further along you will find the noodle station with an exceptionally generous array of ingredients and broths that you can choose to be the basis of your individually cooked dish.

A display of ready-cooked dishes and soups can be found across from the noodle station. Clearly these are dishes that change daily, but on my visit I had some Sweet & Sour Pork and a delightful dish containing spice-fried strips of pork liver which was a pleasant surprise considering the label only indicated pork.

Moving onto the grill action-station, you would be hard pressed to name something that they didn’t offer. From steaks and baby lobster to scallops and sausages, you can be assured every kind of palate is catered to. They actually had three varieties of sausage including a large German-style pork Wurst that was pretty darn good on the scale of things but fell short of the super-tasty super-sausage at Maya bar. Perhaps that was a little unfair, as I clearly have a vested interest in sausages, but given the scarcity of the humble banger in these parts you’re not going to be disappointed. Check out the pan-fried foie gras whilst you are there too or even the tenderloin with foie gras sauce! Yes, I know I’m a hedonist.

The carvery offerings included duck, chicken, and an extremely succulent lamb rack, a fact that was quickly confirmed by our host who hadn’t actually tried it himself. Perhaps I should have kept quiet as it all soon disappeared. Next to the carvery is the pasta station with a great selection of styles, sauces, and toppings. I tried a Carbonara with spaghetti and added some pan-fried pancetta and Parmesan cheese. It was spot-on and I believe would be a real winner with my children.

A further foray led me to the salad bar where I managed to find a better than average selection of imported cheeses and a tasty Parma Ham hand-sliced at my request. You know I don’t do rabbit food, but the display was admirable and I don’t think you’d be at all disappointed.

Finally the dessert and fresh fruit section was raided and without listing every single item, there is something there for everyone. I tried the bread and butter pudding with a freshly made crème anglaise that was as good as it gets and a slice of the classic Tiramisu which was ‘real’. I dipped a marshmallow and some gummy-bears into the chocolate fountain and tried the dark chocolate dipped strawberries too and instantly felt like a child in candy store. For further fun and indulgence, do try the Teppanyaki ice-cream and the shortbread cookies. Yes, really!

All in all, Feast is an appropriate name for this venue and is certainly up there with the best of the rest. So if you fancy a change of scenery you know where to go. Enjoy!

Lunch: 184RMB (Mon. - Fri.), 301RMB (Sat. & Sun.). 
Dinner: 301RMB (Mon. - Fri.), 358RMB (Sat. & Sun.). 

2018-07-14 22:16:53
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1/F, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort, 1 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang Road

0571 8500 2222

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