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Fleur de Lis/枫也绿
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Amidst the greenery on Yuhuangshan Road, away from the hustle and bustle of Hangzhou city life, sits a charming bistro restaurant called Fleur de Lis. The lady-owner is a lover of all things French and has recreated a French style country house with finishing touches like dried lavenderin the bathroom and Edith Piaf on the sound system.

On a brisk autumn afternoon with sunlight shining through the trees, we enjoyed an elegantmeal in the garden.

We began with Iberico pork black truffle wontons (168RMB for 8pcs) that were served in a light-tasting clear broth. What an original fusion creation -- a heady intoxication of black truffles from Italy and sweet Iberico pork from Spain, made into a wonton with ultra-thin wonton wrappers from Guangdong.This is the stuff dreams are made of. Decadent, earthy, indulgence that achieves the mind-bending paradox of being light and ethereal at the same time. The price may seem high, but these wontons are worth every kuai, and Hangzhou Chinese social media is already in a frenzy about them.

Our entrée was Iberico pork loin. The pork was served rare and its ruby red colour resembledbeef steak.  We never had pork served rare before, and in this case it is possible because of the high quality of Iberico pork. What makes this meat so special is that the pigs are allowed to roam freely in the forest and graze on acorns,resulting in sweet, nutty, richly marbled meat that melts in the mouth.

Dessert was cups of vanilla and blueberry soufflé which made a perfect end to the meal.The owner has extensively studied the art of dessert- and bread-making. Her French country style bread has real substance with a dense, soft and chewy interior. Her desserts includemacaroons, madeleines, and cakes (Opera, Red Velvet, Sachertorte, etc.). These are all available for their afternoon tea service.

Fleur de Lis’ Chinese/ English menu will be finalized by December. They also arrange private parties with a dedicated chef to create a menu according to customer’s wishes.

The wontons are available by special request at Fleur de Lis or La Brisa restaurants, but the most direct way to get your hands on these little treasures is to go through La Brisa’s WeChat store.Connect with them with WeChat user ID: LaBrisa. The online store also carries Fleur de Lis’ freshly baked French bread (68RMB).

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23-1 Yuhuangshan Road

0571 8718 6111

Opening Hours:
10am - 9:30pm (weekdays), 10am - 10pm (weekends)

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