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Forty 8/潮吧
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Let us take a minute or two of your time to tell you that Hangzhou now has an uber nice place in which to melt your hard spent day away. Enter Forty 8 in the Park Hyatt. Luxury. You've got it. Music. The live band sings it. Drinks. The bar masters shake them. View. It's hard to not be taken back by it. Everything in Forty 8 matches everything else in style, grace, and high quality.

On a clear day, the view from the 48th floor can stretch all the way to the mountains beyond the lake, and even on a foggy evening, the high vantage point offers everybody an amazing panorama of the new cityscape.

They've also pour 48 different types of Whiskies by the glass and have well over another hundred more by the bottle. Cocktails (78-108RMB) along with 8 signature cocktails & 4 re-defined classics, are also available with a twist.

They offer redefined options such as their Spicy Mango Margarita, and another hit in the Herb Lychee Martini to name a couple.

The entertainment is top class with a full live band accompanied by a singer who is second to none. They are engaging and pull each and everyone in the audience out of their seats with some of the trendiest tunes along with some other well known hits.

Forty 8 will set a new standard in the local nightlife scene, and give everybody who goes there a true taste of the best there is around. How's that sound for a fantastic match?

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48/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou, 1366 Qianjiang Road

0571 8972 9800

Opening Hours:
Mondays off, Tue.-Thu.&Sun.: 7pm - 12am, Fri.&Sat.: 9pm - 1am

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