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Fuquan Teahouse/福泉茶庄
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The area to the west of Lingying Temple has become all the rage since opening up six months ago. We heard about Fuquan Teahouse around that time, but when we went to investigate, we were reluctant to shell out the 35 kuai required to get into the temple area just to check out a teahouse. There are three ways to get to Fuquan: 1.) Buy a ticket for the Lingying Temple area and then another for Yongfu Monastery; 2.) Find the secret entrance that all of the beggars use; 3.) Drive the long-ass route around through Meilin Tunnel, up to the gate where they call the teahouse to buzz you in. We chose the pricier yet more convenient method #1. 

Once we got to the teahouse on our way through the monastery (at least we got a Hot Spot out of the excursion), we were quite impressed. Not only is the patio area a great spot to sip some cha and soak in the view of temple tops and hills, the interior is quite impressive as well, using our favorite Buddhist goddess Guanyin as a centerpiece. (There’s nothing like a transsexual deity to keep us interested in a religion). Low lights and classical music make this quite the place to lounge. There are four sunken rooms for bigger groups to hang in privacy. We went in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, so the place was empty inside, but outside on the patio there were several full tables, and with good reason. The weather was spectacular. We headed out ourselves and ordered up two glasses of the green. They’ve got any kind of tea you want, but if you need the pu’er, you’ll have to do it inside. Apparently they don’t like to carry all the tools outside. Who knows why? 
Fuquan Teahouse is just that, meaning you’re going to get tea and the snacks that come with. But, we were famished after our walk through the monastery, so we asked for some boxed lunches from the monks’ kitchen. If you do want food, you can call ahead and have them prepare some for your group. No meat though, but you can go veg every once in a while can’t you? Can we recommend that you make a special trip here just for tea? Well, we didn’t. But, it’s nice to know there is a place for a breather after checking out the temple and the monastery.  

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Inside Yongfu Monastry, 16 Fayun Lane, Lingyin Road

0571 8796 8993

Opening Hours:
5am - 6pm

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