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Gaggenau World The origins of the renowned luxury brand Gaggenau stretch all the way back to 1681. Leveraging its rich heritage of design and engineering, the German company develops, manufactures and distributes the world's finest built-in kitchen appliances, including steam oven and combi-steam, microwaves, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. Each Gaggenau appliance incorporates traditional technologies, master craftsmanship, stunning minimalist design and consummate quality. Gaggenau has five manufacturing bases worldwide. At its original location in Germany it also has a professional training centre with conference rooms and showrooms, as well as a large-scale Kitchen Training Center. Here consumers and culinary professionals from the world over come to experience the luxurious Gaggenau kitchen experience. Today, Gaggenau's products can be found in high-grade buildings and hotels in more than 50 countries, including Australia, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Britain. HSB's Twisted Tower in Malmo, Sweden, and Singapore's Paradise Island Resort are just two of the world's famous landmarks where people enjoy the wonders of Gaggenau. Gaggenau China May 2008 marks Gaggenau's official entry into the China market. The company is opening its first multifunctional showroom on the 47th floor of Plaza 66 in Shanghai. The new showroom will give Chinese consumers their first experience of the unrivalled world of Gaggenau innovation, enabling them to explore the world's top brand of built-in kitchen appliances to their heat's content. Each Gaggenau design is based on principles of classical aesthetics and satisfying essential needs, adhering to the principles of the Ulm School of Design and Huser der Werkbundausstellung. Time-tested wisdom and art drip from every detail of a Gaggenau piece: from its extraordinary appearance, consummate touch, exquisite workmanship, refined materials, cutting-edge technology, ease of operation, consistent quality... Like a work of high art, a Gaggenau appliance can take one's breath away. Gaggenau's understanding of beauty and ability to create excellent kitchen appliances are the reasons why Gaggenau appliances already appear in some of China's ritziest locations: the Thomson Riviera Rentome, NO 8 Jinan Road, Portman Ritz-Calton, Park Hyatt Presidential Suite and the International Finance Center in Shanghai; the NO 6 Royal Palace and Naga Royal Palace in Beijing; and the LiuZhuang Exclusive Service Apartment in Hangzhou. The Gaggenau Tenet: Highest Quality for Each and Every Piece Each and every Gaggenau product is a masterpiece of superior quality and function, pleasing to the eye and delightful to operate. From ovens, cooktops and ventilations to refrigerators, wine cabinets and more, Gaggenau consistently adheres to its essential commitment to quality. Gaggenau not only endows its products with revolutionary innovative appearance; more importantly, it strives to makes its legendary quality tangible in the regular functioning of its appliances. While Gaggenau ovens have become ever more beautiful in their classical appearance, they have also realized internal space expanded to extra-large dimensions. The gas wok can now produce firepower of up to 5000w, enough to fully satisfy Asian cooking habits. High performance ventilations keep air in the kitchen fresh throughout the cooking process. Intelligent dishwashers provide full peace of mind. The new Gaggenau refrigerators keep food fresher for longer periods of time. Gaggenau means extraordinary convenience. Ease of use makes the whole cooking process flow as smoothly as it would in a professional kitchen. Textured surfaces (such as sand-blasted aluminum alloy) leave no fingerprints, simple and quick control panels, super-durable materials, precision push-buttons — everything is designed to make your cooking experience full of interest and enjoyment. Superior functioning is Gaggenau's brand philosophy. Gaggenau combi-steam integrates the dry heat of convection ovens with gentle steam, giving creative chefs more range to fully bring their talents into play. The Vario series of modular cooktops, which include gas stoves, Teppan Yaki, electric grill and induction cooktops, integrate as smoothly as the instruments of a symphony orchestra to maximize cooking enjoyment. The new Gaggenau high-performance refrigerators likewise come with many options and useful and exciting functions. Professionalism Makes Gaggenau Distinct from Others; No one knows the needs of professional chefs better than the pros themselves. Professionalism enables you to accurately press a button or switch while you are busy cooking -- even with your eyes closed. Professionalism is what turns a kitchen into a heaven under your control where everything flows in step with your mind. Here, form is always born of function. Gaggenau design: free and powerful, seperate parts form a perfect whole, inspired and confident, pleasing to the eye and soul. The quality of built-in home appliances springs from selection of materials, design of details and surface treatments. Each Gaggenau appliance has its own harmoniously balanced proportions, consummate workmanship and flawless design reflecting extraordinary taste, confidence and style. Gaggenau represents: extraordinary, beautiful appearance; exquisite craftsmanship; meticulously chosen materials; simplicity of operation; unquestionable quality. And all this is immediately apparent, at a glance. Gaggenau will continue in its unremitting pursuit of functional innovation, uncompromising requirements towards material quality and craftsmanship, and strict design principles that integrate the classic and the modern. It is this insistence on staying true to itself that gives Gaggenau products their sparkling, tranquil beauty, and enables Gaggenau to earn its lofty reputation in the international field of design. Gaggenau brings a completely new kind of kitchen to the world, one that is perfect for family enjoyment, displaying your cooking skills, or gathering together with relatives and friends. Here you will fully appreciate the genius of world-class built-in kitchen appliances. The difference is Gaggenau create your individual paradise, make your dream come true, and enjoy cooking and feasting to your heart.

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