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Gem's Kids/嘉敏宝贝
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Gem's Kids is more than just an educational center. Founded by Gemma Fang, a Harvard University graduate with a Bachelors in English Language and Literature, and a Masters in Child Education and Psychology, Gem's Kids is fully committed to providing a training ground and access to the international stage for children of all ages. Furthermore, Gem's Kids is founded with the unshakable belief that children are gemstones waiting to be chiseled to radiate the brilliance inherently contained within.
由哈佛大学英文文学学士和教育系硕士的方嘉敏女士所创办的 Gem's Kids (译名:嘉敏宝贝文化才艺中心) 立志提供国内少儿大展各人风采的的国际舞台,从创业以来就备受瞩目。中心名里的“Gem”采于嘉敏老师的英文名“Gemma”, 意思就是奇珍异宝, 恰巧符合了嘉敏老师的个人信念;那就是个每个孩子其实都是可造之才,在巧匠的细心雕琢之下,个个都能成为大放异彩、绚烂夺目的宝石。

2019 (the 2nd Annual) Harvard Club International Youth Speech Contest

Contestant Qualification:Any Chinese citizen between the age of 6 and 16, who currently resides in Mainland China,  and who has not resided in the States for more than a year.  Mainland residents with passports from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are also permissible.

10 Top Benefits of Joining the Harvard Club Youth Speech Contest
1. 借此机会提升自己的英语演说能力。
2. 在和高水平的选手切磋之下,更能激励自己锲而不舍地努力向上,追求自己的最高峰。
3. 能获得自己和父/母亲免费游美国波士顿和住美国五星级旅馆的机会。
4. 能够在举世闻名的一流学府哈佛大学学院内上课一星期,体验哈佛大学学生的生活。
5. 能在一周后的精英培训,世界闻名的哈佛大学俱乐部的舞台上展现个人风采。
6. 能在以往唯有哈佛在校生和毕业生才能进出的哈佛大学俱乐部享受毕生难忘的晚宴和颁奖典礼。
7. 接受哈佛演讲俱乐部的全国冠军导师以及哈佛大学教授的亲自教导,而成为一个更精湛的演说家。
8. 将能大幅提升往后申请美高或是美国大学的个人履历的亮点。
9. 将像黄顗桐*(Felicity Wong)一样,成为中国第三届哈佛大学俱乐部少儿演讲大赛的形象代言人,出现在所有报章和海报上。
10. 一个赚零用钱的好机会: 中国区全国赛每组冠军将获得¥2500 奖金以兹鼓励;复赛每组冠军将获得¥1000奖金以兹鼓励;而初赛每组冠军则得¥500奖金以兹鼓励。


Online Speech Training Classes

Harvard Club Youth Speech Contest Preparatory Class 哈佛俱乐部少儿演讲大赛赛前准备班 

CCTV "Star of Outlook" English Talent Competition Preparatory Class 中央电视台希望之星英语风采大赛赛前准备班

China Daily 21st Century - New Oriental Cup English Speech Competition Preparatory Class 21世纪演讲比赛赛前准备班

FLTRP English Speech Contest Preparatory Class 外研社演讲比赛赛前准备班

All of our online world classics are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.  The two higher levels are taught by none other than Harvard University graduate Gemma Fang herself,and the two lower levels are taught by Teacher Allen and CC, who are both national speech contest champions.

Online World Classics Classes

Why must our children learn the world classics? 为什么孩子必须熟悉世界名著?  

Why are some children having a hardtime studying abroad? 孩子在外国读书为何如此困难?

2018-11-27 09:59:53
Gem's Kids is one educational Center I can fully recommend. My kid has studied with Teacher Gemma, Michael, and Caroline for more than five years now and she has won many awards. I can give Gem's Kids a 6-star rating.
2018-11-22 12:02:20
My daughter is taking Teacher Gemma's English Literature. Although she has been given lots of work to do (memorizing vocabulary, making sentences, answering questions about her reading), she still tells me she looks forward to attending Teacher Gemma's English. I guess I've found the perfect teacher for my daughter. Big thanks to Teacher Gemma and Gem's Kids!
2018-11-22 11:41:00
My son started his speech training with Teacher Gemma during the summer and continued with Caroline since Teacher Gemma was only available during summer vacation for speech training. I am very pleased with both teachers. They are both very professional and courteous, and I could see my son's vast improvement in public speaking. I can definitely recommend Gem's Kids to everyone!
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No. 42, Building 32, Rainbow City, Binjiang

183 6812 7581

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