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Granary Café /粮仓咖啡
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As if there weren't enough of these “artsy” venues in town, we found ourselves drawn to yet another one of those little eclectic hideaways for an afternoon of refreshments. We have to admit, most of them are disappointing, but this one was different. First of all, the place is actually a setting for some heavy-hitting graphic design and computer-aided design work that's taking place every day. Real businesses, not gleaming façades of falsehood that regularly permeate our fair city's landscape. Yes, this place is apparently inhabited by companies with paid employees, or else we're talking about a creepily elaborate prank somebody's playing on all of us. The MORE crew found themselves seated on comfortable couches with lots of space all around, and plenty of cool interior décor to keep us occupied while our drinks were being made. The bar alone is a real artistic statement, with dozens of naked light bulbs hanging down from a radial ceiling section that illuminates the area with industrial-meets-post-apocalyptic flair that is sure to get you thirsty for some of the unique drinks on their menu. Some of the items we found to be of interest were the juices, with combinations like apple-lime, and apple-kumquat to refresh the palate. It's also worth pointing out that there are pizzas for about 35RMB too, and the toppings have a similar playful creativity that will keep you busy making the choice of yay or nay on doing lunch there. Super Supreme, seafood, “lap-mei,” and fruit pizza are some of the highlights, and those who need something besides pizza will be glad to see soups, salads, and sandwiches on the menu. At 18RMB each, a cup of “cappuccino” mushroom soup, or apple pumpkin soup will go well with any of the other choices. Some of the sandwiches on offer are the cheese sandwich, and the cheese toast roll, along with an apple potato salad, or a “Tobiko” (fish roe) salad, to name a few. The coolest part of the trip (not to be gross... well, a little gross) was from visiting the restrooms outside. Seriously, this is worth a look, as you'll find the most senselessly automated toilets outside of Japan, complete with a moving metal plate and pneumatic sounds that will thrill you. Parking is on the street, but it looks like a hit-or-miss affair, depending on the traffic and time of day. There is also a very strictly enforced no smoking rule, for all of you who feel that the city's air pollution is adequately supplying enough carcinogens.

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8 Xiawan Lane (Opposite the Zhongce Vocational School)

0571 8829 8330

Opening Hours:
10am - 11pm

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